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The lead we saw after the Budget is clearly beginning to erode.

This organisation always seem to understate the Tory vote.Every other polling oganisation has the Tories with a double digit lead.Guess its populus which is out of kilter.Keep up the good work David!!

I'm as comfortable with a steady 6% that grows consistently, as with a wildly fluctuating but large lead... what's important is that we are trusted again, and importantly we are preferred again.

"The lead we saw after the Budget is clearly beginning to erode"

Isn't a lead that's being eroded meant to be getting smaller? This one's larger.

I'm apsolutely delighted that the Lib Dems are holding up well at a tricky time. The fact that we are miles above the 11% last October shows our underlying momentum is suspendous.

ICM is more reliable and they show us with 18. Clegg is very charismatic and attractive, we've seen it this week.

It's very tight but just enough time (2 years) to get back into the fight and win the election in 2010.

Erm, is Gloy Plopwell a hoax or merely delusional...?

Erm, is Gloy Plopwell a hoax or merely delusional...?
I'm assuming that he is taking the piss out of them, something that is ridiculously easy to do, either that or he's just taking the piss out of himself intentionally or otherwise.

As for the Liberal Democrats, they will sweep to power at the Next General Election................................
in Orkney & Shetland,

They are on the rise, if their heads get any more inflated they will float out into the stratosphere before crashing back to earth and burning up on re-entry.

Stuff the Liberal Democrats, may they burn in hell!

Clegg is looking very shaky at the moment. He has been in the job for a few months and has failed to make any of the predicted gains that would push the Lib Dems closer to their result at the last general election.

Chris Huhne must be spitting fire at these polls.

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