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Great idea and perfect timing in true Comhome style, welldone Sam.

Not sure if they have enough bods at CCHQ to help out with the security at the front of those shops :). Good work and have fun with IDS.

Does Dave really understand the pensions crisis? I am a small business and self employed - I have very little chance of being able to live on my pension. What can the Tories do to help me and the millions of others whose pensions have been destroyed by the monster McBrown?

Thanks Tom. The CCHQ has now been changed to CCTV!!

Blogging on the hoof isn't easy!

Sam: How much does DC travel by train, bike and car?

"Not sure if they have enough bods at CCHQ to help out with the security"

With this sort of operation you only really need a couple of fronters who look the part and draw the public's attention and a couple of blenders who don't look the part but can watch for anything dodgy and respond if they have to. Four is more than enough for any unannounced visit.

Very interesting behind the scenes look. Please do more of this.

I'm not sure about all this poverty talk!

I mean the only way to alleviate poverty is ti redistribute poverty is to redistribute wealth. A Conservative Government will redistribute my wealth over my dead body.

I have worked hard for it and will not allow it to be given back to some chav single mother on a council slum.

If you make their lives comfortable you will make them lazy.

I didn't get to where I am now by being lazy.

Stop this hug a hoodie twaddle now and return to a tx cutting and tough love agena NOW!

Good idea! It's easy to knock politicians but you have to give Cameron credit, he works hard.

"Fortunately the speech looks like pretty standard fare, the subheadings and phrases appear to be taken right out of Breakthrough Britain". What about "Relationship and parenting education programmes to be rolled-out nationally by the voluntary sector"? Which Conservative controlled local authorities have made a start on this?

Margaret Hemmings, I do hope you're being satirical. If you'd read anything Cameron, IDS or a number of other Conservatives have said about 'broken Britain' you couldn't possibly think wealth redistribution was on the agenda.

David (One of many) - I wouldn't worry, I think Margaret Hemmings is having a little joke with us as she (or he?) likes to do on so many occasions.

Margaret - did you read what IDS said? There are many ways of relieving poverty that don't involve redistributing wealth. Creating wealth, for example.

I agree Kate. Not many people could do what DC does. When he's being asked every question under the sun all day then frankly im amazed he doesn't make many gaffes.

I'm so pleased to see the poverty theme because Labour are always trying to pass themselves off as the champions of the poor. The Labour government has hit the poorest sections of our society hard and the politically contrived tax-credits system has trapped many low-earners into a half work/half benefit scenario. How can people live independently of the state when they are looking to government for a top-up? The 10p tax-debate ought to be used as an opportunity to find ways of lifting the lowest earners out of the tax regime altogether.

bluepatriot, he gets the train for most journeys out of London and tries to cycle a few times a week.

"Stop this hug a hoodie twaddle now and return to a tx cutting and tough love agena NOW!"

Ooh Margaret, can I have some tough love too?

These are the types of articles that CH do so incredibly well. Tim, Sam - keep this sort of stuff flowing please.

Imagine what you could do when the General Election comes around! Get a UK-wide regional team established who are involved with their local MPs or PPCs guest-blogging these types of articles and this site will be overwhelmed by hits.

Can you do more of these things? I found the anecdotes about Dave very interesting if not so much the bits about the speeches.

Thanks Sam that was more interesting than the 'day with' features by sneering msm journalists after a soundbite.

Nice report. Heard him on r4 this morning- nice to see him get the better of Humphrys.

Funny, I live down the road from the shops mentioned- there has been CCTV in place since at least 1/4/08...

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