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Nonentity resigns from obscurity into obscurity. Some people will do anything for publicity.

A PPS resigns.... ooo I bet Brown is shaking in his boots...

Serves Brown right for coordinating the resignations of PPSs against Blair in 2006.

Why has it taken Labour MPs over a year to work out that doubling the tax rate on someone will make them worse off?

Either they are incredibly dim, or they are worried about the opinion polling at the moment...

Hmmm, why haven't we been told what 100 top political insiders think about this... ;-)

Looking at her, you can't help but agree with Berlusconi.

I wonder if Labour MPs are worrying because so many of them (and their families) are about to find themselves on the dole or working in McDonalds (if they could even manage that)? Maybe they forsee that extra couple of hundred pounds actually meaning something soon?

One imagines that the lady in question took so long to locate her principles because she was using a faulty moral compass.

UPDATE: Apparently she DOESN'T intend to resign after talking to Brown.


Thanks Will. I've amended.


This lady is for turning it seems!

What an utter joke! Literally a case of 'not knowing if their comming or going'...

She appears to have adopted the Clare Short approach to making a principled resignation.

You just have to laugh, you really do.

Its been reported that five ministerial aides have threatened resignation. Angela Smith is one. Who are the other four?

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