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Is she preparing for a stab in the back?

Is Ms Harman in training to protect the Home Secretary for the next time she goes out to buy a kebab?

Has she registered and declared this gtift on time?

Does Harriet know something we don't? Is Brown planning another reshuffle?

"After the cancelled General Election, and the failure to hold a referendum on the EU constitution, is the honourable lady's decision to wear a stab proof vest on the streets of our capital city not the latest sign of this Government's inability to trust the people?"

So weak.........

Following her demonstration of the problem of crime in London. Will she be voting for Boris and his crime prevention manifesto?

So far this year, 11 teenagers have been stabbed to death in London. Does the government have any answers, or do they not care, as long as they can walk about protected?

As she is not a teenager, why did she expect to be stabbed. We know that the government is unpopular, but is it really that bad?

This government has failed to act against crime for 11 years. Stabbing are at record levels. Is this incompetence or a case of vested interests?

Was the policeman showing you the length to which your nose will grow after you tell us all how far crime has fallen?

Ha! I like 'vested interests'

Harperson's dodgy donors spring to mind. flak-Jaqui's dodgy doners spring to mind.

Does she share the Home Secretary's view that she would not walk on the streets of her London constituency without a personal protection officer? If so, is that the Government's fault or the fault of the Police Authority under Major Livingstone?

The comments on this pathetic thread are depressing.

The General Election was not cancelled as it was never called. Camoron has admitted that If Brown had called an election, the Conservatives would have lost.

I would rather see a British politician on the streets with the police in his or her constituency than wasting time and money on stunts like visiting glaciers.

Grow up children! No wonder turnout is a fraction of what it was in the 80s and 90s.

Nice to see Ms Harman making such an effort to blend effortlessly into the community she represents.

Or, Hague could ask her 'Could she tell the house which parts of the UK, if any, she would be prepared to visit without feeling the need for body armour?'

(Lead in to first question)
May I sympathise with the Rt Hon lady at having to answer PMQ today? If she does worse than the PM usually does, she will be blamed by No 10, and if she does better, she will show him up. She will probably find it easier to be better than to be worse.

(only problem with this approach will be if Hague does better than Cameron usually does!)

No problem if Hague does better than Cameron - he spent his time as leader doing very well at PMQs so people know that it is a strength of his and equally that it isn't essential to win. Cameron is good enough at PMQs even if not the best, just as Blair was good enough at the time. Brown on the other hand is clearly not good enough.

Hague could quote Hansard from two recent PMQs where Brown compared his inflation figure (the CPI) favourably with the tories RPI when it went over 10% for three months and ask her whether the PM said that out of ignorance or a deliberate attempt to mislead the House.

'If overall crime has been cut by 32% as the Government claims, why is the Minister for Women so frightened of her constituents that she can't visit them without a police escort and a stab-proof vest?'

The 32% figure is taken from the page of misleading statistics/'top 50 achievements' on the Labour Party website: http://www.labour.org.uk/top_50_achievements

What a shame that we are not putting up the formidable and awesome Theresa May tomorrow. I was so looking forward to May versus Harperson as a fantastic advert for the cause of promoting women

Today's picture must represent Harmon's April Fools joke surely?

Judging by the Right Honourable Lady's vest yesterday, can we take it that Labour's pride at "Cutting Crime" is a reference to increases in stabbing.

I was a little surprised by the Lady's oufit yesterday. I am not 100% confident of the reason behind the choice, but let me make a stab at it.......

Welcome to PMQs. You can expect a little flak, but I am sure the Right Honourable Lady is prepared.

Why don't our front bench wear stab vests?

Best line?

From the Evening Standard.

"It's normal to wear a stab-proof vest to tour my constituency..."


She may be bullet proof, but she's certainly not fool proof. Perhaps the Rt Hon Lady will let the Chancellor borrow her bullet proof vest the next time he visits the City of London?

From this government we have had bullet proof cars and gold plated perks for failed executives. Is this not the latest sign of a government that has lost touch with the British people, as one of her own ministers said at the weekend? Is it not the latest sorry episode for a government that has been firing blanks for the last ten years?

And for Clegg: Given the Liberal Leader's self confessed prowess in the bedroom, perhaps it is he, rather than the Rt Hon Lady, who needs protection - although, whether he uses it as a vest will of course be a matter for him.

Hague: "Like the Hon. Lady's election to the Deputy Leadership of her party it seems to me six of one and half a dozen of the other"

Seriously though - why are these jackets too small? Is it OK to be stabbed in the guts?

You have to be able to sit down with them on, the protective material would drive itself down in to your groin when you took a seat if it wasn't cut ever so slightly short.... I'd rather take my chances with my cut off stab vest...

Plaudits to Rob and Londoner
but next time email them to [email protected]

He can't use any that aren't "his", can he?

Clearly recognises that she is not a popular person in her constituency, after Darling raised the duty levels on alcohol, not only for control of yobbish binge drinkers, but to ensure that the middle classes can no longer drown their sorrows in a glass of three of claret to bewail increased taxes across the board.

Harman is such a dipstick that she doesn't realise just how plain stupid she looks.

He could tie it into her application of more anti-discrimnation regulations and go along the lines of

"It was so refreshing to see the Right Honourable Lady on the beat in her constituency, especially as she is more normally associated with another type of PC. Can she tell the house what she was more afraid of, gangs of feral youths or gangs of fuming publicans?"

With Guido after ministers' finger prints, when will she start wearing rubber gloves in public?

1) This house notes the in-fighting that is now taking place between No.10 advisers and that the Deputy Prime Minister has now taken to wearing an anti-stab jacket in public. I didn't realise how had things had become within the government
2) This house notes that the Deputy PM has taken to wearing an anti-stab jacket in public as a vote of confidence in NuLabs crime policies. I see she is not wearing one now, which may be a mistake given she is standing in for the PM

The NUT is calling a one day strike because it wants the promised 2.45% pay rise for teachers to be lifted "at least above inflation".
Could the Honourable lady please confirm which inflation index accurately reflects the increase in the cost of living?

How about this.

"Ministers are always telling us about the investment they have made in public services, now we can see it at first hand, ministers making a real in-a-vest-ment in their community".


"Will the right honourable lady order an urgent in-vest-igation in to knife crime on our streets"

Is this what the Government means by in-vest in London?

Truly awful (I like it) some of these.

Perhaps: "She may be able to withstand bullets but she should learn to stop dodging the questions".

Or: "I see the Rt Hon Lady was wearing her stab-proof vest in her constituency the other day - maybe she forgot to take it off after Cabinet".

As for something on Clegg, if DC goes on 48 days he could say that the Government is showing a level of activity even the Rt Hon Member for (Clegg) would be proud of...

The end.

Another couple of years of labour and it'll need to be an amoured warrier... It won't be terrorists/hoodies either, but a dispairing & angry general public!

She doesn't need a stab proof vest with a behind that big.

Thank you for letting me know the questions Boris will be asking me in advance.

Can the right honourable lady explain why she gets body armour to tour her constituency, yet soldiers touring Iraq & Afghanistan get inadequate or zero body armour.

We all know that thanks to Labour's crime policies the latest fashion accessory on the streets of Peckham is Kevlar.

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