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The Tory video is remarkably accurate. Team Cameron desperately wants the EU constitution issue to go away so that they can spin a pro-European policy on climate change.

It's complete and total crap when compared with the superb Spitting Image.

The Cameron and Clegg clips were pretty lame but the Brown one is definitely funny. I’m intrigued by "I’m on heat and I want Balls". There are so many references to Brown's sexuality over at order-order that I’m beginning to wonder what's behind it all. Is this one of the Lobby’s secrets?

'Headcases' is childish rubbish which is neither clever nor funny. Instead, on Sunday evening too, I would recommend watching Bremner, Bird and Fortune.

Spitting Image it is most certainly not!

Cameron depicted "as aloof?? " They'd be nearer the mark if they'd mocked him 'as invisible'. (cheaper on puppets too!) I fail to detect any reason but one for voting for him and that one is "He's not Brown".

The man's a total non-person He's alright on detailed policies but the Big Picture - "What's that?"

It's nothing like as good as Spitting Image but I must admit I am enjoying it - especially the portrayal of Darling as the character from Dad's Army who keeps moaning "We're Doomed"!

Saltmaker, you may well be right although there are rather more stories about Blair than Brown on this theme - especially the fact that he was known as "Miranda" when in Chambers!

Headcases is one the most stupendously unfunny comedies ever broadcast. It is tiresomely repetitious, almost completely devoid of humour and scripted by Headbangers. Satire needs to be witty, not just snidey.

As David Jones says, Bremner, Bird & Fortune, is a class act in a bracket of its own these days. That is good satire.

Not very funny overall, but the William Hague impression is brilliant!

Yes I love the William Hague they do - he's easily got the best deal on the show amongst politicians!

I wouldn't say Brown's portrayal was as boring - the most noticeable thing is his slightly Scrooge-like appearance and mannerisms.

Headcases is totally unfunny and childish. Re Comrade Brown's portrayal, I heard creator Henry Naylor interviewed on Radio 4's "Front Row" saying he's a Scrooge figure. But Comrade Brown's drunken sailor spending habits are at odds with his self-proclaimed "prudent" qualities. As for Comrade Brown's alleged sexual habits - check out Guido Fawkes for repeated rumours.

Cameron isn't mocked as aloof!

Cameron is mocked as being an insincere slick-suited sub-Blair in public and a vicious public school toff in private (reality).

If only it were satire rather than fantasy.

I agree its nowhere as good as Spitting Image.

Jonathan, you say it's reality that Cameron is vicious. What evidence or experience do you have of this?

"Satire needs to be witty, not just snidey."

No it doesn't. Although it often is, as long as it exposes folly, then it is doing its job (although I agree that HeadCases is very poor).

I say that as someone who has monitored over 50,000 online satire stories over the past 6 years with my satiresearch.com site.

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