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By IPSOS-MORI's track record this is a pretty good poll for us.

I can only imagine that economic optimisim will fall further as the effects of the credit crunch feed into people's paypockets. If you are overstretched and feeling poorer it tends to have a greater cumulative impact as savings etc start run out and people have to cut further in discretionary expenditure to pay for the basics.

Fabulous stupendous news. Well done lib Dems!!! Apsolutely fab. We're on our way to victory with stupenders momentum.

That's right, Gloy Popwell. It was for this purpose that I rose from the dead in 2008, having been in the grave for 80 years. :)

What are you lot on "We're on our way to victory '" wake up, without a poll lead of consistently above 43 % we are nowhere near.

Be realistic , Cameron and Osbourne have lead you all a merry dance , we need a real Conservative Leader to get anywhere near Labour.

Cameron and his PR team are being found out , people are unhappy with Gordo and his team but do not like Cameron.

In the North where Opinion polls where taken last month Labour were 7 % ahead !
Wake Up ! or keep walking towards the cliff ! Mark my words.

I was not aware that you were a Conservative gezmond. None of your posts on this blog have ever indicated that.
I do not think we can be in any way complacent about our media operation. The media narrative has turned against Brown and his government. It has correctly surmised that they are an incompetent bunch of losers but the Conservative party must do more to capitalise on Brown's woes. We had three big media opportunities this week, Hague on PMQs and Theresa May on Question time and Cheryl Gillan on Any Questions.To a great extent all those opportunities were blown with May outdebated by Clare Short and Gillan by Evan Harris! We really need to do better than this.

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