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Editor, Is Danny a Christian?

Yes, Jennifer.

He seems like a great guy.Good luck !

"Is Danny a Christian?"

[Wonders why that matters]

What do you mean "matters" David? You seem a bit touchy.

Great news for Cameron. Dave's speeches got alot worse and worthier when Kruger came along. He is educated out of his wits which is why it is hilarious that his charity has the name 'connect' in it. To say that he lacks the common touch would be like saying that Ken Livingstone is corrupt.
Rachel Whetstone, Nick Wood, Danny 'Freddie' Kruger: is it too much to ask for a Tory leader to have someone orchestrating proceedings who lives on this planet?

I wish it was Steve Hilton who was leaving.

Peter Franklin is one of the most left-wing individuals ever to be employed by the Conservative Party.

Someone has to tell cameron not to bang on about crime when the stats says it has fallen. People are still more likely to believe stats than a politician....he just looked silly in his interview with nick robinson....

His hobbies are a little different to the other speechwriter who organised swingers parties then! Is he still around?

There has not been anything wrong with David Cameron's speeches. Everything he says about family breakdown etc. strikes the right chord. But there is a disconnect - sorry Danny! - between the speeches and what is in the local authority election manifesto: a complete absence of what Conservative controlled local authorities are going to be doing to support families, such as making a start on implementing the proposals in the "Breakthrough Britain" report. Why does this credibility gap persist?

Pisaboy - I spotted Dougie Smith in Portcullis House last week deep in conversation with Steve Hilton so the answer must be 'yes'.

Good luck to Danny - a true gentleman.

Interesting article,good point

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