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How did George read that from such straightforward remarks?

Alistair Darling has more or less said that the Government have not yet communicated their vision for the country - I thought that's why the election was delayed/cancelled!

How long do they want?

"We have got to make sure that in other areas we sharpen ourselves up, that we have a clear message of what we are about."

Exactly what I would say about George Osborne and his economic policies.

"...in other areas..."??

In which areas did he delude himself that the government is at all sharp and has any clear message?

Translation: In other areas we are not so hot, so stop blaming everything on our economic woes, which are not even my fault!

Sounds fair enough to me. I think Boy George is right to seize on this. They may be straightforward remarks but they show a sinking ship.

At last a shadow cabinet minister who isn't too prissy to fight for office.

Of course its unjustified criticism but its nice to hear any of them criticising.

Labour realising that under Brown they are unelectable.

Labour have forfeited all right to take part in any future democratic processes, or to express any opinion on Britain's economy. They failed to deliver on their referendum manifesto promise re Lisbon, and have signed away all responsibility for governing Britain to the EU.

Why don't they just shut up and abandon the pretence that they are running anything.

Sharpen up? Sharpen up what? There's nothing there except a long-running deceit, which all can now see through.

Labour will never be elected again. All they need to do is to call the election they ran and hid from in October. They are now ready for the scrap heap, even if they still hoped for a miracle then. Now they are total political junk, ready for deletion at the earliest opportunity.

Since when has Alistair Darling spoken to the media without Uncle Gordon by his side?!

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