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Click on the image on the right to enlarge?! Why? Isn't it big enough already?!!!

Tim! In real life you are at the top end of presentable in any case ... but the Bailey image! It's amazing! Well-deserved congratulations.

You and Iain deserve the recognition. Both of you have done a great job in getting the voice of ordinary people heard.

All these blokes praising the pic! TAKE CARE!
Soulful - oh yes!


In GQ and his only six-pack is Carlsburg!

Woo. And they got you out of your dog-collar! ;-)

Having a photograph taken by David Bailey is quite an honour. So, well done for that.

I have little time for blogs usually but Con Home is an exception - First class commentary and very informative. Well done guys; you deserve every bit of publicity available.

there's often snobbery about blogging, as if it's somehow inferior just because anyone can do it. Some blogs are crap, as are some journalists. ConHome does a fine job of regulating and promoting the best of the rest and deserves the exposure it and its owners receive.

Nice to see that Tim found his razor that day! Sadly, the comb was lost.

No but it is edited by the uber-brown nosing Dylan Jones.

An avid admirer and friend of Tony Blair and the New Labour project, he even gave Peter Mandelson a regular column a few years ago. Have no doubts that the man has sensed a tide turning and is ready to fling himself on the nearest bandwagon.

Great recognition otherwise and fully deserved.

Conservativehome in GQ... is that good?

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