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Nick Clegg lieing? Surely not.

Shouldn't membership lists be confidential information? A lot of us would not want it to be known what organisations we have belonged to. This breech of confidentialty could be dangerous for the Conservative Party.

What utter rubbish, David. Are you saying that no journalists should ever have access to any student memberships lists of anything? And you believe in a free press, right? It just sounds as though your guy has made a pig's ear of this and it is no good trying to pin the blame elsewhere.

Why did he want to make a bigger thing out of it than it was?

Interestingly large numbers of today's politicians belonged to far left groups,that glorified violence(even if they didn't partake). Somehow that is not embarrassing but membership of the student wing of a mainstream party is.

I was a member of SocSoc when I was at the LSE.

For about 2 days.
Not sure if I ever signed anything though.

I went along to a couple of their meetings.

And then the light dawned!

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