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Anyone but Gordon.

... does it cover the whole ethos and 'dream' of the party today, though?

Christina, no, I don’t think any single sentence could do that adequately. What it does do, for me at least, is sum up the single most important theme of current Conservative thinking.

I like X's suggestion, at 15.19, but I would alter it very slightly to:

"Empower people, not the government"

That, I think, could be a real winner. (I would avoid saying "the" people, as that sounds too much like a lefty sort of remark - they always claim to know what "the people" want, in a condescending sort of way.)

Much as I enjoy accolades, the credit for '"Mending Britain's broken society" has to go to an earlier poster, and I do believe it's based on IDS's excellent report of last year.

However, the music of the moment could definitely be:-

As I walk this land of broken dreams
I have visions of many things
But happiness is just an illusion
Filled with sadness and confusion

What becomes of the brokenhearted
Who have love that's now departed?
I know I've got to find some
kind of peace in mind
Help me

Cameron's new Conservatives, so lovely both Simon Heffer AND The Daily Mail hate us!!

Solutions from the bottom up, not top down!

empowering communities, rebuilding our country

Kicking Brown when he's down.

(I don't personally believe that sums it up, but it's so catchy!)

If you liked Ted Heath, you'll love Cameron's Conservatives!


Cameron's Cavaliers out with the Puritans, set the people free

Cameron's Conservatives: the lesser of two evils.

Delivering money to Brussels by the lorry load.

Trust the people, trust the professionals.

(Don't trust the politicians.)

David Cameron's Conservatives: Old Etonians still pulling up the ladder after themselves.

Stability, security, social cohesion, success, self respect, sustainability.

Blue Labour

Comment of the thread from Old Hack at 11.37.Very amusing!
For me though it was something Cameron used to mention a lot in his early days. 'We're all in this together'. If he really governs with that in mind he can heal some of the divisions that beset this country.

"Conservatives fight for Britain -- because we believe in Britons."

Jon @ 16.36 - 'DC: a few more steps down the road to serfdom'.

How ridiculous, where the hell do you think that this government is going?, its had over ten years, and in any area you care to look its 'halfway down the road to serdom'!!!!

Patsy, I never said anything about this government in my post.

Before jumping on your keyboard and typing away furiously, sometimes it's good to pause for a second.

Self-reliance, not state-reliance, makes society possible.

Self-reliance, not state-reliance, makes society possible.

Cameron's Tories to win with honesty & respect.

Cameron's Conservatives,Looking after YOU!

Conservatism: The Foundation and Hope of a Free People

Trust people, by minimising state interference in our day-to-day lives and strengthening the family, whilst making clear that those who abuse that trust will face real consequences.

Political correctness

Letting you run your own life

"For God, Queen and Country"

Oops, sorry ! Wrong century.

Jamal's hit the nail on the head-

'Small government, small taxes. Freedom to choose, freedom to fail.'

Missed this earlier.

They already have one,sorry two:

"Britain at the heart of Europe"

"In Europe but not ruled by Europe"

If you believe those, you can believe anything.

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