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Corruption is always wrong. It is idiotic to argue that supporting corruption in countries where it already exists is the right way to stop it!?

I dn't always agree with everything Lord Tebbit has to say but today he's pot on both about the needs of British business and the role of judges.

I am so disappointed in Lord Tebbit.

One day the weapons we are selling to the Saudis will fall into the hands of jihadi terrorists.

Haven't we learned anything from selling arms to Iraq when they were warring with Iran and bin Laden when he was warring with Russia?

I think the lesson to be learnt is make sure you deal with the right people, because once you get yourself in deep it's very hard to let a deal slip away when so many British jobs are on the line.

I agree with Norman. Good on our guys for out maneuvering the French et al. I hardly think that Paris would be retrospectively pulling the carpet from under the deal if it was Dassault Aviation securing the salaries.

Conservativehome is right to condemn bribery. Once you start, where do you stop. How much of the bribes to the Saudis came back to individuals or organisations in the United Kingdom?

Corruption, like slavery requires willing buyers and sellers.

The right has correctly pointed out the fact that africans were just as gulty as europeans for slavery.

Therefore, no european country should ever take the moral high ground on corruption - They have decided to be willing participants.

“Bribery is sometimes necessary when British jobs and security are at state”. – The nuLieBore regime knows that very well, and has made a fortune out of selling British jobs. Bung them a few notes and they will allow you to dump British workers and ship in as many cheap foreigners as you want. Just look at the ‘donations’ and work permits issued to the likes of Capita etc.

The Conservatives do not oppose this behaviour as they have desires to get their hands on these bungs in the highly unlikely event of them forming a government in the future.

Well, nice of Tebbit to support the staus quo and history of dealing with the foreigners, that they all need a bung to grease the skids.
And £43bn needs to be protected. Despite all the words emanating from Washington you can bet your last dollar that they would have met advance commissions with the same aplomb as BAE. Its all sour grapes from the French and Yanks that they lost out.
I am minded though by one piece of hypocrisy in Tebbit's article.
Saudi Arabia supports and exports terrorism through its support of the extreme Wahabi sect, to which the kingdom owes religious allegiance. The Saudi's one the one hand deplore terrorism and aid our efforts to suppress it, but with the other hand throw vast sums of money at all that subscibe to Wahabism, particularly those that advocate the elimination of Israel and the other infidels.
So bah humbug.

When thinking about the BAe probe we should remember that the arms trading and the bribery are not a single issue.

Lord Tebbit is right that bribery, although unsavoury, remains an essential part of working in some parts of the world. Sometimes it takes more than moralising to get your million pound generator cleared through customs, your visa renewed or your dam built.

Unfortunately Lord Tebbit is completely wrong to have seen his job as "promoting British exports - whatever they were". We should only export weapons with the greatest care and to our most trusted allies. Selling weapons to countries where trust is undermined by bribery is idiotic short-termism.

Not his finest hour.
He increasingly sounds like an embittered old socialist.
And before the usual suspects squeal, I have been quite a strong supporter of Tebbit.

Good on Tebbit for echoing the views which are almost certainly those of the majority of people in this country, contrary to what this site would have you believe.

Of course corruption is wrong, but while we are so intertwined with such a deal we should see it out. The country should not enter into such deals in the future, however, the Saudi relationship is too important at the moment to potentially destroy it with a rash move.

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