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Just started reading my copy, and its gripping stuff.

But the real prize will belong to the person who can tell us the solution to the problem identified.

Off the top of my head:
1) Fire all political researchers.
2) Fire the Spads.
3) Limit the amount of time anyone can be in representative public service to half of their working life.

Man in a Shed @ 15.32

How about Fire all politicians and lawyers?

The grubbing career-politician has to be stamped out of British politics. The parties can achieve this by making selection dependent on party loyalty, locality and getting rid of the discrimination that pole-vaults contenders on grounds of ethnicity, gender or fame. There is growing public contempt for the politician, in spite of this I believe the public still has respect for the genuine politician who is committed to public service. The contempt lies with the career-politician.

The art of politics needs to regain its credibility, that means getting rid of the compliant nonentities who currently clog up the backbenches. Mediocrity has become mainsteam in the house of commons, its time to bring excellence back, that means all parties introducing a proper and pure selection process.

Peter says that the Amazon ranking on this went from 33000 to just over 400 yesterday!

It's unsurprisingly rare for political insiders to write books criticising political insiders in general, so I'm glad people are buying it.

I attended a fringe in Blackpool last year when Peter and T May spoke. Peter recognised that his book did politicians no favours as did May but her solution was that Peter should not have written the book and she completely failed to undersatnd that the change needed was for politicos of all persuasions to change their behaviour.

I'm delighted that the book has gained the recognition it deserves.

Delighted that this book won.I think it was me who first nominated it. It is well written and is at its strongest when dealing with the divide that now exists between full time politicians and 'ordinary ' members of the public.
I hope DC has read this book and that he realises that candidates should not be chosen on the basis of ethnicity or gender but on what they've achieved in their lives.

"she completely failed to undersatnd that the change needed was for politicos of all persuasions to change their behaviour."

Typical Teresa May.

A few years ago I was at Conference: Michael Howard's theme was Conservatives mean ACTION; Teresa May was spokesman for the family.
I attended an excellent and very persuasive presentation by Harry Benson.
May openly agreed that Benson's analysis that the breakdown of the family was a root cause of many problems was compelling, but refused point blank to consider doing anything about it.
Says it all really.

Man in a shed @15.32

..and how about fire a good number of cosy political journalists to sharpen the wits of those that remain?

An excellent book.

Where do I begin? I have rarely seen such smug, cosy, luvvy comments from people who do not have the slightest idea about what is really going on in this country and haven't a hope in hell of finding out. I despair. Kind Regards - Tristan de Vere Bon Bon. sigh. Lark's tongues in aspic sandwich anyone?

I have read this book and can say that virtually politicians of every party are in it for one thing. Themselves.

It is truly shocking what our elected politicians get away with.

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