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Ask about members enthusiasm for a Cameron govt.

Based on what you have seen of the campaign, do you think Boris was the right choice for Mayoral candidate?

Now that the SS Labour is listing and ready to sink, would you throw out a lifeline to any of its members and welcome them aboard the SS Cameron?

In all their years in opposition the Labour party talked down the economy with their co-conspirators in the media. Fear of loosing ones job and home were deliberately played up so that for far too many it became a reality. Should not the Conservatives be utilising exactly the same techniques now?

Ask whether membership in your association has increased year on year and whether it's above what it was in 05. The Party is dying!

Considering that Australia's very new PM is an avowed republican and Nepal has just (for circumstances specific to that country obviously) started to abolish that monarchy - maybe a poll on the popularity of keeping our current Queen but republic afterwards instead of Prince Charles, monarchy to remain as is, skip a generation, or a republic right now - plus any other options which spring to your minds.

Also, do we want or care if Australia / Canada etc etc break that tie with Great Britain? The future of the Commonwealth?

This subject appeared on CentreRight the other day and is clearly in the public eye - not on the doorstep when campaigning in the locals but is at the back of the minds of those voters' who remember (or took part in) our global heritage. It will come up when I am banging on doors in Gib at the next MEP election so I'd like to know what Party members think.

I would like to see a list of the up and coming MPs, like Douglas Carswell etc who are due for promotion so we can rate them in the same way as we do for the shadow cabinet members.
Also I would like to see a few Scottish questions, on subjects such as the Barnett Formula, the West Lothian question, the performance of the Scottish Tories under Goldie, and their joining with our enemies the Labour and Lib Dem parties in the scottish independance commission.
Personally I,m totally against this but how do other tories feel?

Is Nick Boles, and prospective new MP, the right man to run the Implementation Unit if a Cameron government is elected?

Which of Clinton, Obama and McCain do you want to see inaugurated as US President in 2009?

Should the 'old guard' (i.e. key figures from the Thatcher and Major years) play a greater role in policy creation?

In order to help the poorest in society should the personal allowance for tax purposes ,currently £5,435, be linked to the minimum wage assuming a 40 hour week paid for 52 weeks per year ?

In order to support the family should the personal allowance be transferrable between husband and wife ?

It would be easy to pay for this by cutting our gross contribution to the EU and making public sector pensions for all but the armed forces , the emergency forces , doctors & nurses , defined contibution schemes for new entrants and harmonising public sector retirement ages with the private sector. Additional spending per head of the population in the UK to be the same on average for each country in the UK,

What are the most important attributes that you would look for when selecting an MP to serve the constituency in which you live.

Many in the press say that we Conservatives still haven't distilled our overall message down to something that can be easily conveyed. However, they do have a strong sense that it is something to do with the emerging education policy, welfare policy and the idea of 'post-bureaucracy'. Working from that set of policies, how would Con-homers encapsulate their perception of our party's new vision in a press-friendly soundbite of not more than 20 words?

Possibly something on the issues in the Embryology Bill (as that did not appear in the last survey, when the issue was in the press more)?

To resolve our apparent policy problem about the EU, would people share my view that the people should decide by a referendum whether to stay in or come out and the government should then follow the nation's wishes, rather than direct them?

Any such referendum should be properly prepared in advance by debates in parliament and in public.

The Party should give an unequivocal assurance that they will not seek further state funding of political parties. They will take steps to regulate and reduce the present funding arrangements. They will be placing corporate and private limits on party donations and loans and guarantees.

Private donations should be tax deductable, to promote party membership for all, and to make parties respond to membership and to extend the political mandate.

Should the Conservatives dismantle the BBC.


What has happened to the other results from last month's survey on which policy area we thought the Tories were best at and the candidate selection issue?

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