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Maybe it's supposed to subliminally reassure us the government can be trusted to 'handle' even the most important and sesnitive of issues.

that's absolutely hilarious. Way to go Whitehall!

Surely it's just confirmation of the Government's determination to continue to shaft the tax-paying general public.

A remarkable single-handed cock-up.

I'm suprised at you Tim!

Sums it all up rather well, doesn't it?

Was it designed by the same people who put the olympics 2012 logo together?

(You haven't heard about that? Stare at it for a while......)


I took a minute or two to work out which way was 'clockwise', but the resulting laughter was well worth it!!! Nice one!

Come off it!

You have a very crude minds here,can we please raise the bar a little.

"can we please raise the bar a little"

That's what the logo is trying to do!

I know I'm late but I can join in the fun too?

Office of Government Communications: giving IT to you straight.

I'll get my coat!

You're assuming whoever designed it didn't realise what they were doing......

"Am I the only one to think this looks like a penis penetrating a vagina?"

I say, that's going a bit too far, isn't it old chap? One doesn't mention things like that in public. Now w**king? That's funny!

Funniest thing I've seen all day!

Sums up the supplier relationship really

The sad thing is, like Patsy Sergeant, it took me 2 minutes to work it out...

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