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Come on ye Lord Chancellor!

In the red corner we have Ed Balls...

And in the red corner we have Jack Straw...

Surely something wrong says Mr Brown!

Tap S then C for by far the best move!

This is a total disgrace. Our money spent on this kind of demeaning childish campaigning, damages politics and makes our great party look like a bunch of comedians. Punch and Judy? this is even worse.

Playing the man not the ball makes the whole game look sickening. Advocating violence, even as a joke, is just not funny or responsible.

Crude, vulgar and lowering.

WBTory, I think you're right. Any rise in violent crime now will have to be directly attributed to a fun and pointless game.

Very little money will have been spent on it, don't panic. A good computer geek would be able to knock it up in no time.

Have a play on it and enjoy it.

W9Tory - lighten up a bit, yeah? Goodness sake..!

WBTory... You sound a bit tense... but have to agree that this is all a bit pathetic... shows a complete lack of focus on any polical issues, very limited sense of humour, and not even good computer game programming skills (the collision detection is awful!!)... a rather poor lose-lose-lose situation :-( :-(

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