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For f's sake George! We know we're worse off because of Labour but what are YOU going to do to make us better off!!!!????

Alan, scroll down a dozen threads and this is what he wanted.

"In an article for The Sunday Times, George Osborne sets out his five hopes for Alistair Darling's Budget, due to be delivered in three days' time:

A restoration of stability to the public finances. This will necessitate independent evaluation of tougher fiscal rules and spending control over the course of the whole economic cycle.
Lower taxation of businesses. Britain has slumped from the 4th best corporate tax regime to a lowly number 19 in Europe. Corporation tax should be reduced to 25p; paid for by scrapping complex capital allowances.
A reversal of course on CGT and non-dom taxation. Instead, Darling should adopt the less intrusive Tory plans for the taxation of non-doms and eliminate stamp duty for nine out of ten first time homebuyers.
No more stealth taxes. We need an end to the Budgetary small print that is corroding public trust in politics.
Fund welfare-to-work programmes. This will deliver long-term savings to the taxpayer and reduce child poverty."

Will George commit to give us the £110 back? I don't think so. He will inherit more than £110 million!!

Agree with "VoteDave" - it's a 0/5 for Darling!

As for "TFATory" - I'm really not sure of relevance of the second sentence of your comment.

We've just seen a Budget that confirmed GB's cut in the basic rate of income tax, without mentioning (as DC did in his response) the fact that it was funded by withdrawing the 10% rate. I'm disgusted at a Government whose instinct is to hit the poorest hardest, disincentivising those people who see the transition from benefits to work as a marginal proposition.

Work is the only real route out of poverty. Do you see that as well, or are you too busy resting on your right-wing laurels to widen your view from attacking your (well, my) own side??

Even by your standards a pathetic comment TFA Tory. The nations finances are it seems in a significantly worse state than they were in the autumn.The first priority is to get borrowing to managable levels.Just achieving that is going to be very,very tough.

Interesting point about they way in which poverty is measured in the UK. It is expressed as a an income of less than 60% of the median income. So if the budget hits middle income families hard, the median income will fall and hence fewer low income housholds will be below the 60% level.

Simple really, make the majority poorer and you cut child poverty!

A true Brown Darling solution.

"You're" worst off. That shows a lot about the mindset of the Editor and the social composition of those posting here. For example:

* A single mother on the minimum wage with one child will be £739 better off.

* A family earning £25,000 with two children will be £74 better off

* Most pensioners will be better off

Why don't you take a look here and see if you are paying more or less income tax? http://extras.timesonline.co.uk/pdfs/budget2008taxtables.pdf

Then it's just a matter of your carbon footprint (flying and fuel consumption) and your personal habits (drinking and smoking) and whether you are a non-dom.

More people on lower incomes will be worse off than they were last year though. I'm sure you'd agree with woulodn't you Passing Leftie?
Much more worrying is the outlook for the British economy. Brown and now Darling have had to revise their borrowing requirements upward every year for the past seven years. We have borrowed an horrendous amount given that the world has had benign economic conditions for most of that time.If as is possible a worldwide recession develops we are in an awful position.
Poor Darling, I wonder if he knew what a terrible position he'd inherit?

Road Pricing .
Darling said:
"The government reaffirms its commitment to exploring national road pricing.
Budget 2008 announces an invitation to tender to the private sector to run a number of projects based on charging by time of day, distance traveled and route chosen.
The Government will make available sufficient funding to ensure these projects test the impact of financial incentives on driver behaviour.

Today the Government publishes Infrastructure Procurement: delivering long term value setting out the next steps the Government is taking to secure value for money in its procurement of assets, infrastructure and long-term service provision."

Transport is a devolved matter and therefore this tax/measure will apply only to England .
Thus , there is now an official divergence in British taxation between the component countries of the UK . It is written into the British budget .

Why the h-ll isn't the Consertative party kicking up blue murder about this tax which will be only on the English ?

instead of conspiring with the government to implement it .

Malcolm Dunn said:
More people on lower incomes will be worse off than they were last year though. I'm sure you'd agree with woulodn't you Passing Leftie?

I haven't seen any evidence for this. Perhaps you'd care to point me at it?

There are a number of places Passing Leftie but for simplicity why don't you try the Daily Mail budget calculator. This gives you chapter and verse.

This site needs a daily Numpty Award. Yesterday it would have gone to Alex Swanson. Today it would go to Malcolm Dunn.

Malcolm you Numpty!

The Daily Mail buget calculator (I guess you mean this one here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/news.html?in_article_id=532628&in_page_id=1770) shows only two losers... the first loses £28, the second loses £1.

Attack the lefties by all means, but get the facts right first. Or do we enjoy egg on our faces?

On the Daily Mail numbers I'm £500 up. I don't smoke and my car's sensible, so that's 4,350 bottles of wine I've got to drink before I make the £110 come true -- by which point I won't care.

Passing Leftie, in 2007 the government budgeted to take £587bn in tax. In 2008 it’s budgeted £618bn. That’s a £31 billion or 5% increase – way beyond economic growth.

I don’t care how it’s dressed up or where the numbers are hidden, all tax ultimately falls to the people. In 2007 each person was paying £9,650 on average. With inflation running at 2.2% (so it’s claimed), this year we would expect to be paying £9,862. Instead we’re paying £10,100. That’s a hike of £238 beyond inflation.

These are all the government’s own numbers.

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