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I think the big theme we could use is, to borrow an American saying, is "the government that governs best, governs least." We need to show that we trust and believe in the people, not the government.

After the last 11 years of huge government spending, with very little to show for it, more and more people are telling me that they want government to butt out of their lives and leave them alone to make their own decisions.

The education policy Michael Gove has put forward is a very good start to this, and I feel will enable us to reach communities that in the past have looked at the Conservative Party with wary eyes.

I disagree with the idea that the Brown team is fighting back. The impression I get from meeting people is that they are sick to the back teeth with them, but they are still not ocnvinced by us.

Coulson is certainly an improvement on what went before him under Cameron - junior staff in supposedly senior postions.

The problem now is that the Research Dept has gone the same way ie effectively downgraded so as not to threaten those who have DC's ear.

Until they just concentrate on getting into government and operating effectively rather than retaining their own fiefdoms they aren't going to progress.

So well done AC - but lets be bold in other areas too and appoint big hitters.

Andrew touches on what could be a very effective narrative for the party… indeed the “governs best, governs least” narrative has the added advantage of chiming with the pervading anti-politics mood and as a libertarian, centre-right party we are uniquely placed to articulate it.

The narrative is mending britain's broken society isn't it?

It was the Conservatives which repaired Britain's economy in the 80s and 90s and now the Conservatives must mend Britain's broken society.

It's a big narrative which fits well on our strengths of crime, opportunity for all and empowering communities and the voluntary sector.

Theme is important, but so is narrative. We need to weave a convincing and more structured narrative about why the Conservatives should replace Labour.

Bits of it are there, they just need arranging and setting in context. They can recall traditional Conservative themes such as the one nation tradition as well as the need to defend sovereignty and tackle the social ills that have festered under Labour. The green bit can stay, the nhs bit needs beefing up and we must not be shy about crime and immigration.

I agree we need a good press man and Coulson is just that. Frankly Hilton is overpaid and probably the weakest link.

Creativity? Sorry, I think Hilton owes his position more to cronyism rather than creativity or competence. If DC and SH hadn't worked together in CCO back in the '92 election as wet behind the ears grads under Chris Patten, would SH be where he is today on the exhorbitant level of pay? I strongly doubt it.

Hilton is probably the reason we lack a coherent theme/narrative/whatever. If we are going to shift things up a gear we need to get out of the lotus position, stop meditating and get a bit angry about what Brown and Co are up to. Heaven knows the nation is.

We can close this deal, but it does mean adopting a more coherent and agressive posture than we have had to date. It could still all go belly up if we become too presumptive and fail to sharpen up.

That means some changes and a harder headed approach than that found in Notting Hill thus far.

The main story in today's London Evening Standard is Brown's support for the newspaper's campaign against bottled water and in favour of tap water.

On Monday he backed the Mail's campaign against plastic shopping backs.

Six months ago Cameron would have got there first. Perhaps Hilton needs to get back to work soon!

I'm not sure that is true CCHQ Spy.

Hilton has a strong dislike of Associated Newspapers and cameron's former press secretary had no contacts at Editorial level - indeed he was not allowed into meetings between DC and Editors.

So the higher level of contact has improved considerably.

Michael at 14.29:

"The narrative is mending britain's broken society isn't it?"

Certainly IDS's report created great interest and there is a great deal to mend.

"Making Britain a better place to live in"/ "Creating a better Britain"/ "Restoring values"/ "Making society mean something"/"Help make Britain fit for your kids".


I'd be worried that a "the country is going to the dogs" narative would simply be too negative... we need a narative that can acomadate a critique of Labour's decade in power with a convincing explanation for why a Conservative government would be better - and all the while this has to chime with popular sentiment.

How do Cameron's proposals for state funding sit with the new 'anti-politics' theme?

Cameron may know our pain, but he also seems to think we are ready for more...

"How do Cameron's proposals for state funding sit with the new 'anti-politics' theme?

Cameron may know our pain, but he also seems to think we are ready for more...
" I thought the Tory stance was against state funding, instead supporting a 50,000 cap on donations? Or am i wrong?

Just shows we've got to keep our eye on the ball!

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