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Lots of things happen inside CCHQ that are rarely acknowledged. Only the dropped clangers get noticed.

Thanks for this :)

Very impressive.

At long last the Conservatives seem to be getting their act together with this rebuttal, something some of us have been calling for for sometime, now perhaps the Conservatives get on the front foot and go on the attack and make more of Gordon Browns £149 billion spending commitments he has made in the last few months.

It just goes to show the effectiveness of rapid response and killing a Labour lie before it gains currency. We need more of this rapid return fire when Labour start to play the media.

They even used the same fonts.

That means that there's somebody in the rapid rebuttal unit whose job it is simply to recognise typefaces.


Terrific work

Yes a very prompt response, well done.

Well done from me too. Reading Conhome I guess can sometimes be an uncomortable experience if you work in CCHQ,so take the praise when it comes ladies and gentlemen,today you deserve it. Hopefully Labour have wasted a lot of money on this.

Rapid Rebuttal indeed... Well done chaps!

We want to see more of this, especially in relation to Gordon Brown himself.
He gets away with his lies too many times.

Excellent piece of work from CCHQ. Its long overdue time to hit back at Labour spin.
So well done ladies and gentlemen and here,s to turfing the incompetent socialists and the feeble Lib Dems out of power at the next local and general elections.

We need to see more of this sort of thing.

Not sure it really did affect coverage. Plenty of other stories around.

But certainly an improvement on the gimmicks nonsense from last week.

Fraser Nelson is right though - talented staff have left and replaced by inexperienced people in what should be senior positions.

Exactly what we need! Be prepared for the poisoned roses, to put their gimmick out at as inconvenient a time as possible for CCHQ to retaliate to, in future!!!

Labour’s attacks are so predictable that I bet most of this document was ready in advance. Either that or we’ve got a friendly mole. Whichever it is, more good work from Osborne and co.

The list of Brown's 200 spending promises, totalling £148 billion, is very potent -- especially in the context of their £118 billion revenue shortfall.

What is particularly clever, is the exactly opposing layout. Our red against their blue, and the typescript matching so beautifully. Excellent work CCHQ.
Just be ready for the next attempt! You may be darn sure that NooLab wont leave it at that.

"The list of Brown's 200 spending promises,"

What now is needed is for all Conservative MPs to primed with these facts and play their part in the rebuttal, bringing up these facts when ever and at every opportunity, or is that too much to ask?

Excellent stuff. Good to see CCHQ is starting to get its act together :)

CCHQ Spy at 12.46:

"Lots of things happen inside CCHQ that are rarely acknowledged".

I am sure that is correct; however, I (and I imagine many others) know little or nothing about the workings of CCHQ, who does what etc.

Would you care to enlighten us sometime? I am sure it would be helpful and interesting.

Do they contract out to deal with domestic disageements? I might have some work for them!

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