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Tim, is there something wrong with the survey? I can't get past question 6.

Opportunity missed on the women in cabinet question. Should have been split into two questions: aspiration and madate/quota. I think the results would have been very different. The broad issue of representation is interesting. I think many, myself included, support a meritocracy, not engineering so-called representative government.

I am surprised to see that no questions refer to the Embryology Bill and its attendant issues, which is a pretty "current" issue.

I cannot enter my responses to the survey questions this month. All I get is an orange coloured stripe across the one that I try to choose, but my ticks do not register.

Re: the "wimins" question......aspiration is one thing...........positive discrimination is another. All Ministers must be appointed on merit and merit alone. Nothing else is acceptable. Otherwise appointments of all women are devalued currency. No more "babes" and puppets please........... just hardcore talent and ability need apply.

PS I am a female 42 year old for my sins

To both Davids: I'm sorry you've been having difficulties.I don't quite know why. The same as usual approximate number of people have managed to complete the survey. I'm sorry we won't have your views on this occasion.

I agree with Ryan and IRJMilne. There's always next month...

I am a female 42 year old for my sins

Posted by: onnalee cubitt | March 29, 2008 at 15:36

Be assured, its no sin!

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