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A thoroughly deserved accolade. Stephen is showing that Conservative councils, when they have a clear direction can make a massive positive impact on people's lives. After 20 years of Labour rule it was essential to show voters that changing the administration was worthwhile. Well done!

And Hammersmith did this in defiance of CCHQ who told them to shut up about tax cuts.

Those creepy neo-Blairite inhabitant of that HQ need stringing up!

Hammersmith - just behind those trees from me - inspired both Hounslow (rates no change) and Ealing (where I live - rates +1%) to do likewise.

An accolade richly deserved and from which the CCHQ cretins should draw a lesson - but they won't

Hurrah for Stephen Greenhalgh (not forgetting his team!).

A true Conservative who has ably demonstrated that promising tax cuts wins elections. Now he has won Tory accolades for delivering. And the council is many times more efficient and constructive.

Thank you from a local council taxpayer.

Very proud of my local Council leader! Well done Stephen!!!

I am an H&F Councillor, so a bit biased, but I would observe that this is a rare case of a political group saying what they would do if elected, getting elected, then doing it. Doesn't happen that often.

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