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Budgets are fairly boring at the best of times, but THIS budget, so far!!! Is not so much a budget as a propaganda exercise! Darling Mr. Darling has ONE figure stuck in his brain - 1997, and although I am not listening at the moment - because I am here, everytime I go back to the TV, up comes 1997 AGAIN. It seems to me that as RPI's, and the cost of living, and houses prices go up and down between now and 2097, that everytime Labour get to power 1997 will be the buzz number, never to be forgotten!

Whatever happened to all that enthusiasm, and all those bright shiny PROMISES????????

"1.05pm: Confirmed investment plans for Crossrail. Stated that more capacity is needed on our roads. Money will be set aside to investigate possibilities for a road pricing scheme "

Implicit in this is yet more money for his own Scotland because under the Barnett Rules any capital expenditure in England (Crossrail)causes about 10% of the sum to be spent in Scotland .
Why? Er ,its the Barnett Rules you understand .
( only ever works one way of course )

There were four highlights:

1) Dave kicking Ed in the Balls

2) Dave kicking Ed in the Balls again

3) Ken Clarke kicking Ed in the Balls

4) Jack Straw doing this:


The rest was the usual shower of Labour drivel. Dave was sharp today- a pleasant change from last year's cockup.

Also, the rapid rebuttal unit are doing their work beautifully today! Well done all.

Very well said, Patsy! As for the carrier bag thing - bl**dy cheek!!!!

They are trying very hard to rewrite history and misrepresent the 18 Tory years as one long financial failure between two periods of Labour financial success.
- He who controls the past controls the future.

Darling seems to have a rather unhealthy interest in the last Tory Chancellor, constantly referring to him, is it love/angst for what has been squandered?.

How about the £30Bn of savings being used to reduce the Chancellors rising debt - That would be prudent

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