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Too many shadow cabinet members are disappearing from the radar for long periods. It is down to each member to be more vocal and project themself forward in the media. In the years leading up to the 1997 election the Labour party was never out of the news and seemed to get twice as many radio and TV interviews as anyone else. This is because they were assertive and hungry for power. I get the feeling that a lot of the shadow cabinet are in the comfort zone and just waiting for the next election to come along before going into attack mode. This is not good enough, for the work done or not done today will be reflected at the polls on the big day.

Agree with Tony - more effort please. The fact that only 7 out of 27 enjoy a majority positive assessment is down to their perceived absence from the fray.

I personally came down against Mr Lansley because of his comments on "sex education" in the interview he gave to this website. I don't know if that influenced anyone else.

Davis was very good on Question Time. I am sorry that there are no women in the top ten. We need more women of more quality.

"We need more women of more quality."

Yet Dave following the cultural Marxist agenda is going to put 30% of them in his Cabinet.

But I have to say Theresa May wasn't as bad as I thought she was going to be on Any Questions, for in being up against Livingstone, I felt sure she was going to sink Boris's Mayoral chances.

Osborne's high rating baffles me. I was at an economists' seminar in Canary Wharf the other day for investment banks and a number commented how weak he was and should be replaced.

In reality does George Osborne have much competition against Alistair Darling? I'll be paying close attention on Wednesday in the Budget and again during the Spring Conference next weekend.

Not much has changed. As ever, far too many Shadow Ministers (very often the same ministers as in past surveys) appear invisible. Its not like theres a lack of ammo to use. Every day on this site we all highlight issues of importance to us which the Party should be primed for. The Party should be one step ahead of the game not three steps behind.

Talking about Lansley, what is the latest on the NHS Acountability Bill, proposed to great fanfare by Cameron? What is Lansley doing to help smooth its passage through Parliament when it is eventually introduced?

I tick many ''don't know'' boxes in these surveys because I have not a clue who some of these people are. John Redwood gets far more publicity (positive too) than half the shadow cabinet put together. The message is that they need to assert themselves.

Have you ever wondered how many of them (outside of the top eight) are household names anywhere north of London?

I will listen with interest at the Gateshead Hilton next week!

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