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This is common in US politics and the more people see of David Cameron and his human side the better.

Yuk! Creepy stuff. I want a LEADER - someone with fire in his belly - someone who believes in something and can articulate what it is.

Pass the sickbag

Oh c'mmon Christina, do you want a conservative government or not, of course you do!

I don't suppose that DC or his wife particularly enjoys this intrusion, but as the first poster indicates, this is how public life goes now. You probably would prefer the stiff upper lip of the 50's! Having been a teenager in the 50's, I hated it, the snobbery, everything U or non-U, ghastly cocktail parties, yuk. No, 1966 was when I started to feel alive!!

I think DC is doing the right thing!

very strong belief in the potency of Brand Cameron. 82% of members agreed with the following statement:

Yes, but if they didn't, they probably wouldn't be party members, just like I don't and am not.

I don't want a cult of personality, I want well-thought-out policies based on sound, well-thought-out principles.

do you want a conservative government or not

Yes, I do, that's the point - a conservative one, not ersatz socialist.

I am gutted I missed this, will it be repeated or you tubed?

This is NOT how public life goes - politicians do not have to do this. I have NEVER met a voter who has said they want this kind of intrusion into any politician's family life.

It's absolutely revolting and cheapens politics.

Aside from anything else, it looks staged and unconvincing. What kind of mad people need three boxes of cereal, plus a bottle of milk, all left on the table, when they are having breakfast with three young children? I don't know anyone who'd leave all that kit on the table with the large chance that it's going to end up all over the floor. Do make a note to their domestic staff to fill them in on some salient details of child-rearing before the next cynical stunt.

"Yes, I do, that's the point - a conservative one, not ersatz socialist."

It will be a Conservative government. It will not be a copy of the Thatcher-government, but it will be Conservative.

Someone will have done activist. This is quite a big move by Cameron.

One of William Hague's problems was that he wasn't a family man and it was a huge unhealthy contrast with Tony Blair and him being a father of four and Leo being born while he was PM. Voters like their leaders to be like them. This is good politics and it is real. Cameron is by all accounts a devoted father.

Am I meant to be impressed?

Whats next the bathroom scene with kids splashing around,or perhaps the bedroom scene with pillow fights?

Whichever it is,its just normal family life in progress,we did well to do this photo shoot I reckon.

This video wasn't made to impress us the party membership, it was made to win support from the wider public.

You don't get everything you want. Its a democracy. Its about compromise.
Without this party, you will not get ANYTHING that you want.

Whilst you moan, some of us work.
Judging from the last three election defeats, moaning didn't change anything.

It is a repeated failure of those on the right [eg UKIP standing against Tory candidates] to appreciate your enemy is a relative thing. Attack those furthest away, not nearest.

Reading back over 'some' of the comments is revealing. You always know when somethings worked by who turns up to say it hasn't.

Whilst you moan, some of us work.

I've done my fair share of work for the Conservative Party over the years. But I see little point in working now to replace one left wing high-tax, high-spend, illiberal government with another.

You don't get everything you want. Its a democracy. Its about compromise.

But I'm not getting anything I want, not even the things I and my family have a right to.

Why should I compromise on my rights, or on the truth? And when do the Left ever compromise on anything except as a tactic to allow themselves time to regroup?

Yes, the public want to know what makes politicians tick and hes right to say so. But he has to be very wary indeed with allowing the family to be filmed like this. Once you let the media in to that level, they are extremely difficult to extricate, a point made very well on Question Time last night. (I have only just come across this story and assumed the discussion last night was about his past WebCameron videos).

If he feels that its in the family's interests to do this then OK, but he has no right to demand a private life afterwards or complain about press intrusion when the children grow up and have the press haranging them (which will definitely happen if Cameron becomes Prime Minister. He needs to put the family first. Whoring the family out for votes I feel isnt the way to go. Personally, I wouldnt have done this.

Bad bad bad idea. You can't expose your children like this and expect the press to 'play fair' later on.

He is taking a massive gamble and I hope it doesn't come back to haunt him.

I'm sorry, put parading ones family on the television set is never a good idea.

This brings to mind Davis Mellor, a five bar Gate and his extended family. We all know what that led to.

Its time to get serious about our politics, Does anyone remember Kinnock the Movie? (Hugh Hudson Director).

Stop this nonsense at once and start fighting for Britain

I don't think I like this too much either.Although I'm a big supporter of most of what David Cameron is trying to achieve some of these media wheezes leave me cold. Firstly they remind me a little of Tony Blair, a politician I loathe above all others.More importantly though,is that I think there is a very anti politician sentiment throughout the country at the moment. I think many people will view this cynically even if there was no cynical intent in its production.
Like the huskies, cycling to work etc these events may in the end do more harm than good.

Is that a £10000 new kitchen I can see in the background.

Infact lookin around it appears mucjh of the contents of the house is from the "John Lewis' List".

Nice to see how harworking tax payers money has been spent.

Disgusting! Snouts in the trough

It will almost certainly be true that women will approve of this much more than men.

Asquith, does anything impress you?

Northernhousewife, I agree, its seems to me that when any conservative politician, particularly DC, makes ANY move of ANY kind that might have a positive effect on the voters, OUT COME THE JACKALS, first they put a toe in the water to see if a possible criticism will 'get taken up' by the media, if it is, in comes the jackal again, on the bandwagon and hypes up his 'hit' even more.

In this particular case the press and TV comments that, Cameron's actions, are wrong because of the likely intrusion into the children's lives by the media at a later date, are particularly rich AND hypocritical, WHY? BECAUSE THEY the press and the TV media are the ones who create the intrusion in the first place!

As for Arabella - nice upper-class name that? Pseud!

I find the whole idea nauseating and shot through with future problems. But what infuriates me is that when we are crying out for a lead from Cameron on the vital EU referendum question he's silent and does a stunt like this and talks detailed policy which should be the job of his shadow cabinet.

Today in response to a constituent's plea for a statement on the EU Letwin comes up with ---"We will in due course set out what steps we will take if we do not succeed in obtaining a referendum as a result of continued pressure through the House of Lords, and if events in Ireland do not force a rethink.

I can assure you that, by the time of the next election, we will have set out our plans very fully"

Ye gods! "At the time of the next election" will be far too late to hold the party together and will be seen by many - including me - as `another attempt to push the issue to the sidelines. It makes Cameron lopk shifty - again.


I agree with you frankly. It is ill judged to reveal to the public ones dirty linen. Especially when most of it has been paid for by we taxpayers.

The largesse revealed today regarding MPs expenses must damage the entire political class.

I simply can't bring myself to vote for any of them. If I did it would only enourage them more.

Oink Oink!

David Cameron is so high profile that his wife and children were never going to have a media-free existence. I can’t see how this event makes them any more or less likely to future media intrusion.

Many families let the cameras into their lives, and often it's fascinating, but this is the first time I’ve heard the parents being criticised for exposing their children to the public gaze.

Call me old fashioned but I really don't think this is the done thing.

I must admit that I have struggled to accept the new wishy washy liberal Consevative agenda we are following. Though I try to control my feelings so we can get elected.

I just think David needs to concentrate on solid old fashioned CONSERVATIVE values.

This dare I say "stunt" is more worthy of Hello Magazine and other trashy publications.

"Reading back over 'some' of the comments is revealing. You always know when somethings worked by who turns up to say it hasn't." - northernhousewife

Spot on.

"I've done my fair share of work for the Conservative Party over the years."

Though probably not under Heath or MacMillan, who were arguably further to the left than Cameron is.

It's just stunning how some people seem to think the party began with the election of Thatcher. It's worse than Blair and Brown's year zero approach to 1997.

"I just think David needs to concentrate on solid old fashioned CONSERVATIVE values."

Yeah, like the family...oh.

Do any of you commenting on this site think that David Cameron and his wife made the decision to allow ITV into their home lightly? I imagine they gave it serious thought. As for the snouts in the trough comments, come on, we all know that David Cameron and his wife are independently very wealthy, so it stands to reason that they are going to have a nice house.

Do I like everything David Cameron is doing? No I don't, but I do want a Conservative Government after the next election!

As other people have said this video wasn't made to impress the readers of Conservative Home, it was made for Joe public, to show them the real David Cameron. We see the serious David Cameron week in week out on the news, this was something different.

I would also like to point out that I believe Margaret Thatcher also did something similar.

"I would also like to point out that I believe Margaret Thatcher also did something similar."

Yes she did, in fact watching the footage on TV last night reminded me of that very fact, apparently I should have been counting the designer labels instead.
I have been very surprised that no one in the media has highlighted the comparisons. Even Maggie wanted everyone to know that despite her rise through a male dominated profession, she was still a very ordinary and old fashioned housewife at home - well it was the 70's and we were the Conservative party after all.

"Politicians at Home" films such as this can and often do appear nausiating but they serve a larger purpose: to build the leaders image in the public consiousness, to make him seem more human and less political, and to show some sense of normality.

I don't like using family in politics but its common and if we don't, Labour and Lib Dems still will leaving us looking starchy, out if touch and purely political. Whether you like it or not, people are voting as much for the person as the politics.

I seem to remember a film was made about Margaret Thatcher in about 1976, in which she (among other things) visited the shops to do her groceries with a wicker basket (how eco-friendly!) and trimmed her garden roses (which let the cameras get a nice shot of her modest suburban home to boot). I expect it too was mostly staged (the roses were red AND a modern hybrid varriery whereas I expect she only grows Old English varrieties, and I doubt she did much grocery shopping herself as Opposition Leader).

That's all fair enough, David, but isn't there another question here, which is whether this particular video actually achieves the purpose you describe for it?

You use the phrase 'show some sense of normality' but I wonder how many so-called ordinary viewers are going to watch that clip, with its reference to the full-time live-in nanny plus part-time carer (and a cleaner too, surely?), that absolutely immaculate white shirt or the way Cameron instantly tidies up his hair after his youngest child clambers over him, the whole weird slightly stagey ambience, and think oh yes, that's just like me and my family, we always are like that in the morning, and so I'm going to vote Conservative now?

(Cameron is, by all accounts, a devoted father but that does not stop this video from looking contrived, cynical and more than slightly desperate.)

And finally if Cameron wants to get the mums out there on his side he can stop being so condescending - women do actually worry about things like tax rates, foreign policy and so forth - they don't just go all gooey the minute they see a child as Steve Hilton seems to assume.

We also need to consider that we live in an age when more people vote for Big Brother evictions than vote in a General Election.

Unfortunately we do seem to live an age now where people expect to be able to poke their noses into other people's business on TV and sadly MPs may just have to adjust to that.

I found it rather cringe worthy and really don't think it will go down well, with a cynical public who holds most politicians in contempt. It seems yet another PR stunt. Why doesn't DC lay into Labour on their record?

Good comments Richard.

They [the left] do compromise - to get elected. Blair was a compromise.
If they had voted in a Cruddas, a Benn or kept Kinnock they might have kept alot of people very happy indeed, and kept themselves in opposition.
But they seem to have done alright in the end don't they?
There is a message in there somewhere.

Northernhousewife - NO they haven't "done alright". They've broken Britain - education - law and order, NHS, the ecobomy and sold us out to Brussels.

None of that is doing alright and if you were to say you were talking about the party not the country my reply is that's what's wrong about politics today.

When the polls stall wheel out poor little Ivan.
Did he forget the helpers that the kids are left with all day?

Well wheel out the sympathy vote and watch the polls climb.
Sick stunt involving a severely disabled defenceless child.

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