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Well done Ben, your articles are always a great source of information for those of us who don't always have the time to follow global events as closely as we would like to. I, for one, appreciate reading them.

Well done Ben. Thoroughly deserved.

Very well deserved Ben. You do magnificent work, and you and Stephen Crabb are turning the Human Rights Commission into an impressive and influential outfit.

Very well deserved! Ben has done sterling work in this area.

A thoroughtly deserved award for a tireless and brave campaigner.


I am extremely honoured and humbled by this award. While I greatly appreciate the personal encouragement given to me through the award, and the various comments here, I think the award carries with it a wider, more important message: that Conservatives believe and recognise that human rights and freedom are central to foreign policy; and that Conservatives recognise and applaud the brave people in those countries such as Burma who struggle, against huge odds and often risking their lives, for freedom and human rights. This award is their award - for the people for whom I campaign and advocate. They are the really brave ones, and the ones who deserve not just an award, but a victory over tyranny.

Three cheers for the CPHRC and its members. I understand it is still unique amongst British political parties.

Well done Ben. It was clear when we were at Royal Holloway together all those years ago that you had a great future in the Party. You have done much to help promote a more informed view of International Development in the Party. Congratulations.

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