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"five million people out of work"

Thank you Mr Cameron. It is so refreshing to hear a true picture of the benefits crisis instead of having to listen to the Alice-in-Wonderland politics of Labour talking about how we have "full employment" and "more people in work"

I despair! The family as a theme would be fine if there weren't greater priorities right now.

One must hope that that Cameron will listen to the urgings of the grassroots of the party who seem miles ahead of the leadership. Now is not the time to witter on about giving both Dads and Mums 6 months parental leave when this could be the last straw for businesses trying to stay afloat. Can[t he rise to the moment?

The moment is one of a Gathering Storm and strong leadership is needed. Can he provide it? On this showing - NO!

I think he (DC) is doing absolutely great stuff of late and he seems to be improving by the hour too.I didn't support DC when first he came into view,but I certainly do now,wholeheartedly might I say.

Christina, patience is needed, we must remember we cannot win by firing all our big guns and hope there will be enough momentum to last us to election day.

It is key that our policies do not become outdated by the time of the General Election, and for all we know that election will be on the 5th May 2010 (Let's face it, the only balls that Labour has is Ed Balls).

A steam roller may not be fast, but it is much more effective at crushing things than a Formula 1 racing car.

Christina, put what DC said about the family into a larger context:

"I have seen how you can have zero tolerance, beat-based policing that defeats crime and restores trust in the police. And with a Home Secretary like David Davis we can do that here".

"I've been to Sweden and seen how letting new schools set up in the state sector and letting parents choose can unlock innovation and quality. And we can do that here as long as we replace Ed Balls with Michael Gove".

"George Osborne gets the modern world more than anyone and with a Chancellor like him you know we can do it here."

I am not so confident about the last example but he made some very promising remarks, not least of which was:

"No more MPs voting on their own pay. No more cushy final salary pensions scheme. Clear declaration of expenses and allowances".

The family is the main building block of society and our current society is so broken because so many families are dysfunctional. From that stem so many of society's problems. Government can't change that overnight but it can frame family friendly legislation to start to repair it.

I'm sorry, if I am now going to be forced to give my staff (male and female) 6 months off to play with their babies I will no longer employ anyone capable of breeding!

I have a business to run! Have any of the leadership actually run a business.

Do you not realise we are competing with China and India.

This will simply put more burdens on business.. resulting in failures... resulting in unemployment... resulting in family break down.

Good grief!

Can someone just clear up that 6 months "off" for male and female should be male or female in replacement of the 12 months off for the female.

Not seen the speech, but it reads very well. The lack of any mention of the scummy Lib Dems is also good - we don't need to promote this shoddy, pathetic excuse of a political party in set piece speeches.

I very much doubt whether the delivery could possibly beat the unscripted performances of Blackpool.

16% ahead is also absolutely fantastic stuff.

"I've seen how in Ireland cutting tax rates for business can unleash a wave of enterprise, investment and wealth."

You needed to go to Ireland to figure that one out? We've known that since ... well, when didn't we know that low taxes were better for the economy?

Christina, its about balance. Yes people are feeling the pinch increasingly and taxes are hurting but also we have to learn that tories were unfairly regarded by 1997 as knowing the cost of everything and the value of nothing. That is one reason why we do need to change and why we have to reach out to new groups of voters and demonstrate that this perception was wrong. Communities and families matter greatly and we need to support them because not doing so is not good economic or democratic sense.


My complaint is that the slogans the party is preparing are meaningless. My complaint is that Cameron is totally ignoring the fact that the problem is more likely to be a collapse of the housing market, of peoples savings, of a great increase in unemployment. He just witters on about trivia and even refuses to tell anybody what he proposes to do to make good the one concrete promise he HAS made namely about his (and Hague's) repeated statements that in respect of the EU Constitution "We will not let it rest there" HOW?

He is totally devoid of leadership or charisma. Nobody would look to him in a tight corner.

The fact is that issues surrounding the family are at the core of this nation's problems, therefore they should be at the core of everything we do and say.

Yes, people are frustrated with taxation and immigration - but we can leave that until we get into power - we can't take action on these things yet.

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