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Just goes to show how pathetic and desperate the McMirror are.

Trivial and unimportant.

It is so pathetic - and the've given it the front page treatment.

I watched the video - what made me laugh is that the Mirror cyclist filming also went the wrong side of the bollard to keep up with Cameron.

Actually proves he bikes to work - when he thinks noone is looking - and not for the cameras.
Rather undermines the Mirror's previous story.
Well done Mirror.

Ah damn. We just lost the next election.

A disgrace.

I have been teaching my many children about road safety. Mr Cameron has just undermind all my work.

thay have seen this incident on TV and are now refusing to obey the law. If Mr Cameron doesn't we won't.

"One rule for the rich another for the hoi polloi!" I said

It should be noted that Cameron didn't put anybody in danger at all.

I find his disregard for regulations in this instance much less worrying than the nannyism that makes a big song and dance out of it.

What a typically disporportionate Lefty reaction - making this the front page of The Mirror! And that 'rag' must be really desperate to sink to these lengths.

We hear all the time about cyclists riding through red lights for a variety of reasons - often because they are frightened of lorries mowing them down.

However, it's not ordinary cyclists who are subject to a Commie witch-hunt - but Conservatives in general - and Cameron in particular.

Cameron really ought to be more careful - and stop giving these petty Lefties something to make a fuss about!

I wonder how much Maguire paid for this little stunt, tailing Cameron on three occasions.
Nothing better to do?

Which reminds me, I hope Maguire enjoyed re-acquainting himself with north-east working mens pubs and clubs along with Stephen Hepburn MP last week.

He must pay a £30 fixed penaly immediatley. The rest of us get criminal records for this kind of behaviour. Has DC no shame

This is another example of broken Britain. We can do without this kind of yob behaviour. What next from DC binge drinking?

Hardly the crime of the century. But I do feel Mr Cameron should be force to retake his cycling proficency test. In public!!

Perhaps he was in a hurry - trying to get away from crazed irrational lunatics seemingly following him in a car.

Oh, this is pathetic from the Mirror.

I'd be much more interested to hear both Cameron and Brown's explanations for their housing allowance claims as highlighted by Guido.

If this is the worst they have on him we are on to a winner! pathetic.

The Mirror: the Pits.

I think Ash Faulkner's right. This has undoubtedly cost us the next election if not the one after.
Had a look at Macguire's blog. It really isn't very good to put it mildly. He also doesn't seem to get much support from his paltry number of readers. Perhaps CH regulars might like to visit and tell him what a fantastic job he's doing.For the Conservatives
Happy Easter everyone.

Wonder is Smithsons rule about staying in the News improving poll ratings will be in force again with this.

If I had to choose my leader being barracked by the Catholic church or being caught breaking a few cycling rules, I know wha I'd rather choose.

Law makers should not be law breakers. Who said that?

Just seen this on TV and you can see in the picture on the left that the red light is for the right hand lane, the light on the left is at green!.
Thought Camerons response was perfect.

Sorry I meant the right hand picture.

With all the things happening in the world the only thing the Mirror can put on their front page is a non story.

The Tories must be so pleased the Labour supporting press is so tragic.

Why is this a story?

Most of us have, at one time or another, committed traffic offences; whether it be speeding or cutting it fine crossing through a red light. If anything this shows that DC is an ordinary person and thus wont cause the damage that the Mirror was hoping to inflict.

The chocolate orange inspecting former Bullingdon member and MP for Witney never fails to surprise. More's the pity unfortunately for his supporters and more importantly the rest of us.

"One rule for the rich another for the hoi polloi!"

So you're suggesting that 'rich people' inherently think they can loosely interpret cycle laws?! Grow up. This is such a non story... if this is the worst the Reds over the Mirror can do, we're quite safe.

you can tell its a slow news day....its made the evening news on all the channels...which only goes to show the love of the trivial on the part of the tv news outfits -- or is it more the love of a chance to embarrass the Opposition leader?

Maybe DC knew he was being followed and did it deliberately. Who knows and who cares.

The only person he endangered was himself by not wearing a helmet, which was usefully dangling from the handlebars of his bike – he would have looked a bit of a pratt had he fallen off and bumped his head.

Overall though, a great wind up for those leftie commie types.

Regarding the red light outside Parliament he simply, and in a way quite sensibly, went over the white line to get a head-start. That said, as a Parliamentarian he is supposed to set an example by obeying the letter of the law even when it does seem unnecessary.

Ooh heck, I always do this. I thought you were supposed to so that folk could see you- some lights have two stop lines to encourage it.

Total hipocrasy! We lib dems will do much better now this has come out, with stupendous momentum.

If anything, this will be a plus.
At least he cycles, and is an ordinary person.

If even our old adversary comstock is standing up for him, Dave really is in the clear.

Another fine scoop from the "shirt-inside-or-outside-the-underpants" school of journalism. The Mirror should be proud.

Seriously though, when the reds get to playing the man, not the policies, you know THEY know they are beat !

Alan Douglas

Do others remember when IDS was caught speeding in his Morgan by the Mail on Sunday?

He seemed more edgy in my mind as a result.

I see nothing wrong in this.


Good publicity. It shows he has a bit of a go in him and doesn't park his arse in the back of a Jag.

If even our old adversary comstock is standing up for him, Dave really is in the clear.

Oh I could find a million and one ways to slag off Cameron, Serf. But this is pathetic. Let's talk about the fact he is a toff, he admires Thatcher, he would cut spending on the poor and taxes for the rich. Not about his abilities as a cyclist.

My nine year old son has come up with a suggestion that we should introduce Bycicle licence so that they can be charged and three points for jumping red lights.

If Gordon Brown had done this what would all these Tories say?

It is wrong and DC has apologised end of story.

Yes, serious indeed. DC should set an example and obey traffic laws. But surely not as serious (if I may be permitted to go off-subject a little) as recent reports that DC supports the current law that permits the murder of handicapped babies up to birth. That he supports a lowering of the abortion time limit is excellent (and better than Gordon Brown’s opposition to such a move), and thus save a few babies (i.e. ones that seem to be considered superior and more valuable through not being handicapped. Oh how we need to regain our civilised Christian foundation in the nation and thus see the value of all human beings)

I agree it is trivial, but sorry DC you are a complete idiot to give the mirror a story like this.

If you are in the the public eye to the extent that DC is you cannot afford to break the law, however trivial the offense is.

"Let's talk about the fact he is a toff, he admires Thatcher, he would cut spending on the poor and taxes for the rich."

Hahaha, was that in the memo or did you rehearse that yourself?

"I agree it is trivial, but sorry DC you are a complete idiot to give the mirror a story like this.

If you are in the the public eye to the extent that DC is you cannot afford to break the law, however trivial the offense is.

Posted by: bexie | March 21, 2008 at 23:35"

CCHQ troll !

I used to cycle to work every day, so I sympathise - but this is the sort of story I would expect to hear about Boris! Is Camerloon taling "how to win popularity" lessons from him?

It should be noted that Cameron didn't put anybody in danger at all.

Yep. That makes a difference. I remember specifically that traffic laws don't apply if you don't put anyone in danger...

I'm sure he didn't wake up in the morning and think "Right, I'll break the law today". It was just an accident. Hopefully he'll get a bollocking and start to pay attention, but that should be the end of it.

And I'm a Lib Dem.

Oh that's funny. Watch the vid; they chide him for cycling the wrong side of a bollard then follow exactly the same route in their CAR - a far more dangerous move. Front page? How utterly pathetic.

For those idiots spouting the laws and making out this is some great offence can I also point out that those self same laws state that it is illegal for a pedestrian to cross at a pedestrian crossing when it is on red. So how many politicians (and how many critics on this forum) can we also follow and photograph breaking that self same law?

I don't much like Cameron for his politics but as many including some of his fiercest critics on here have said, this really is a stupid non story by the Mirror and shows how desperate they have become.

The BBC dragged in Stephen Pound MP to discuss this live on News 24 yesterday...

I noticed the Mirror crew following him down the one way street too. Of course there wouldnt be a problem if he was on the pavement...

Hes risking his own neck and its his choice. If hes hit by a car then hell come off worse.

A non story par excellence! Of course Labour were delighted to get this as Bradshaw and Knight are having difficulties with abortion and large class sizes at the moment. Gets them off the hook.

Did the Mirror hack follow Cameron on a bike as well?

If so they committed exactly the same offences!

Sillu Billy. Not much of a story but makes DC look rather foolish.

The CTC are defending Mr Cameron.

"After 3 days of trailing Cameron they ended up with just four photos that they said was either illegal or dangerous riding, plus some footage on line. I am not condoning illegal or dangerous cycling but this was plan daft."


This is a non story that says more about the petty nature of the Daily Mirror than it says about David Cameron.

Jack Stone

I agree. If this is all that the Mirror has to say about DC then it is clear he is winning the political arguments.

As someone who cycles daily (in a rural location) DC's problem is that he is failing to optimise his mechanical advantage by having the pedal in the wrong position jammed up towards his heel. But what the heck!

But Cameron is such a Charming Man.

One law for us , and another for the so called "primeminister in waiting' .

Last week I told off a couple of yobs for the same thing , going down a oneway street the wrongway. They told me to F--- O-- !

Good example Dave especially if the yobs saw this on TV or read about it in the Mirror ! All those fools on this website who said , " so what , it,s a non story" are just typical of the new Tory party !

They think that anything is ok as long as it gets them elected ! Your day will come .

Posted by: West London Tory | March 22, 2008 at 01:05

If you knew the slightest thing about me you would know otherwise.

It is trivial beacuse he did not injur anyone and it is an offense clearly regarded as trivial since you see little prosecutions for the vast number of cycllists in London who do exactly the same every day.

It is still wrong and stupid since DC is on the public eye and therefore is expected to set an example.

BTW If I were a CCHQ troll I would not be lobbing critisism would I.

Methinks we really need to dump the faux-greenery with some urgency.

Nobody who aspires to power but rides a bike can ever be taken seriously. 'Dave' should get himself a Range-Rover Sport HSE or other similar nice middleclass urban car if he wants to win over the aspirational classes.

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