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All well and nice and isn't this lovely.

Too bad in a few years when Labour decides to legalize gay sex in public parks, D.C. and the Tory front bench decide to vote for it, too many people on this site will wonder why conservatives are leaving this country en masse.

Pray tell me.. why exactly should I 1) vote Tory and 2) even care.

We now have a Conservative opposition party that essentially has told social conservatives to go take a leap off a short bridge and is in the process of saying the same thing to economic conservatives.

The UK is desperate for an Opposition that will oppose and instead we get an Eton/Notting Hill lot that likes to prance around and claim that with no experience running anything greater than a PR office that they will implement the SAME policies but do it better than Labour.

Please....... I will write this. Singapore has an amazing ability to turn even the most hard core Labour supporter into a natural conservative, in re size of government, taxes, and even on social issues. And yet, all these expats will not be voting in the next election because D.C. and his lot are not offering a choice, they are offering an echo.

Look here...I know it is popular on this site to bash the GOP etc, but they at least are a successful party that at least tries to fight for some element of conservatism and thus actually wins elections.

What we need in the UK is a choice, and not an echo.

A choice, not an echo.

And on a personal level, this is probably the most disturbing manifestation of the Zanu Labour philosophy infiltrating the Conservative Party that I have ever witnessed.

D.C. may feel that it is ok to parade his family about but why would any vote feel that this gives him any more authority to govern?

What exactly is the purpose of this?

I will tell you.

Spin, spin, and more spin!

The UK is begging for a government that governs and does not spin and DC is offering us clips of him and his family tragedy.

Look here, we have had over ten years of "compassion" I doubt we need even more.

What we need now is a bit of competence and this may be decidedly un P.C. but D.C. and his tragic family does not impress me.

Nor does it say anything about the man and his ability to govern.

Rather it speaks to his preference for spin over ideas.

Through all the insults and the entire "Cameron project" I have never felt like leaving the party til today.

Today, I have stopped being a Tory.

I suspect I am not alone.

Bye then. If the only policy you care to talk about is 'legalising gay sex in public parks' the Conservative Party is well rid of bigots like you.

Pray answer me this Malcolm.

Ok, so despite the fact that I share the views of the Tory party until basically like ten seconds ago, now I am officially a "bigot" whose departure from the party is welcomed.

I must have missed my invitation to be purged, but ok, I'm with you.

So.....let me get this straight, Cameroons like you are constantly telling "bigots" like me that we must accept an extreme social left wing philosophy (despite this being contrary to our values and beliefs) because of the mood of the moment.

I'm with you.

But we are also told that we must also stop nattering on about the out of control immigration, for to continue to do so, we would also be "bigots".

Meanwhile, it would seem to me that you would likewise shout "bigot" at almost every major category of these immigrants, Polish, Muslim, Africans etc...because believe me they are not social progressives like you.

So how exactly are you getting their vote? Because surely given your stance, you cannot preclude them (as I might) but they definitely do not share your enlightened view.

??? Very curious.

My basic point is that given DC's abandonment of both social and economic conservatism, he can only run on a claim of "better management".

I.e. I will not change the basic direction (don't fool yourself minor changes in education etc may happen but major changes in results cannot change under the existing level of government) of this government, I will just manage it better.

This actually is not a bad thing to run on....but I doubt too many people, despite this government's criminal incompetence, are going to believe that a PR executive and a Wall paper heir are going to be able to be better managers.

Thanks but no.

I think Mr Cameron's point about families' experiences and aspirations being universal is probably accurate.

Was this clip part of a longer segment? It seems very brief, but, for what it's worth, I thought they seemed like nice people.

What a long-winded rant. Glad you got that off your chest.

I doubt if the Tories are going to win the next election and if they do, taking Cameron et al at face value, the country is unlikely to be much better off.

Cheers for posting this CH I missed it.

What a lovely family, I especially like the husband. I wonder if he'd like to be PM?

That would be nice.

DC strikes me as being a normal human being, unlike the Bean man, who strikes me as being the Anti Christ, or at the very least a freak!

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