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What is Clegg thinking?!

What great comic characters can I think of to describe this idiot. Basil Fawlty maybe.


Now where did I put that knife?

Darn, you beat me to it curbishly!

"If I get the angle right, it will only take one blow to make me leader again!"

It should have been me.

"What an absolute ignorant prat. What idiots voted for him?"

"Are you looking at me and thinking what I'm thinking..."

"Even Ming was better than this!"

Ah well, I was thinking of retirement anyway.

Stupid boy.

What must his mother think?

It looks like I will get another session as the Acting Leader.

It looks like I will get another session as the Acting Leader.

People already think we are a party of plonkers, now they will certainly be convinced


You fool! You've killed us all!

I wonder if he knows what a cleg nut is?*

*Fecal matter adhering to bum end of a sheep's fleece.

[Sinister Voice] - My time will come, oh yes.

Ten days until the Ides of March... et tu Sarah Teather?

Funny, I keep thinking it's time for PMQs

Unbelievable, three months in the job and he manages to implement a more successful shadow cabinet decapitation strategy than we carried out in 2005. Only problem is, its our bl**dy shadow cabinet he has managed to decimate!

"You're not going to keep my seat very warm standing there."

What a plonker!

There's a gap just between his shoulder blades that should do nicely there ...

I should "lay a cable" around his throat.

"Usurpation by a minion, alas, such is the stuff of politics"

How sad that it should come to this.

If we c an get this one drunk, like we did with Charlie,then I reckon i'm a shoe-in next time, perhaps with Ming as deputy.

How do you think *I* feel? I'm looking directly at what he's talking out of.

I wonder how much it costs to lay in some phone lines, just in case!

There was no need for The Speaker to push my referendum motion all the way in...

‘Jees, you’re a lively bastard. You come here from Europe with your silly half-trimmed middle-parting telling us we can’t have a referendum on Lisbon. Honestly, what’s all this ‘let’s all ask the membership question on Europe?’ – I’ve never heard so much bollocks.’

So much for love-bombing them, then...

"You have much to learn, young Padawan"

"He's even more insecure than he was before,look at him,he's taken to talking through closed eyelids."

‘My temporary stand in is pretty useless’

I wonder what he had for lunch?

I wonder if we'll still have a front bench tonight?

These ex MEPs will say and do anything to protect their EU pensions.

"Even Ming was better than this!"

Exactly, Tim RP....what were the LibDems thinking when they elected Clegg?

Not that the imediate alternative was much better.

I'll wager Kennedy will be back before Christmas

"There may be trouble ahead, but while there is moonlight music and romance..."

We're F**ked.

He pledged in his leadership campaign to take the Liberal Democrats "out of our comfort zone" and from where I am sitting at least that's one election promise he appears to have kept.

"You might say that, I couldn't possibly comment".....

"Why, oh why!!! Didn't I stand for the leadership and see off this vacuous twerp"

"here's another one who's gone Bean-shaped..."

Vince would be thinking
Right on, a very sensible point. Brimming with talent.We really have stupendous momentum to win now.

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