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Why would it be electorally smart to seek a no-score draw on the economy? Isn't the Labour Party vulnerable? Or is the concern that if we attack too hard, then we will be seen to be revelling in human misery if the economy goes very badly? (I think of Portillo on Thursday evening saying that the Conservative High Command hopes for a recession.)

Not only are the Torys holding to Labours high tax, high borrowing policy, which is wrecking the economy. The Torys are offering absolutely no other solutions to get the economy moving...quite the reverse, they are proposeing the kind of touchy feely interference in Companies, that drive owners mad.

So not only are they discarding all orthodox thinking, which has been proven to work time and again, they are offering absolutely no new thinking either.

The correwct impression given by such an aproach, is that they haven't the faintest idea of what to do, or how to do it.

I seem to recall a panel discussion programme where it was suggested that the new 'green taxes' angle was just going to be the PR for moving taxes to consumption, rather than income. How's that for tax reform?

Remember how 'investment' was the buzz word before 1997 how toxic 'Tory cuts'.?Yet Labour promised to match the spending restrictions in the short term, so as not to scare the voter but with an underlying expectation that that would not always be the case.
It made sense then and it still does.

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