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The one William Hague has suggested on the war in Iraq. Many MPs on both sides of the house voted for war in good faith based on the evidence presented before them. Now that it is obvious such evidence was fabricated, there really ought to be an inquiry to establish who were the prime movers in pushing for this war. We need to discover who was consciously lying to the house and to the British public to bring about a war that has cost the lives of young British soldiers.


Well, some obvious candidates are:

The circumstances leading up to Labour lying to Parliament, thus securing authorization for a war in Iraq under false pretences.

Gordon Brown's disastrous PFI schemes.

Northern Rock.

The Sub Prime crisis, and what Brown should have done to avoid it.

Absolutely agree with Tony Makara. A public enquiry should be mandatory after any war. There are so many unanswered questions and the case not to hold it is weak (see the ludicrous platform article written by Quentin Davies shortly before he defected)that it should be announced in the first week of a Cameron government.
Perhaps in the second week an enquiry into PFI as Richard suggests would be a good idea.

@Malcolm Dunn:

I think the only reason we wouldn'y have an enquiry on Iraq is that we'd be afraid of hurting IDS's feelings and those of the rest of the old front bench who stormed in, all guns blazing, to support Blair's whizzo jape.

If there is to be no post-ratification referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, how about a public enquiry into a cost and benefit analysis of our membership of the EU?

Norman Lamont did, after all, disclose that it was 'hardly the bargain of the century'.

So how little of a bargain is it?

Or would such an enquiry be vetoed by Ken Clarke and John Gummer?

UK Child poverty is a prime candidate for an inquiry, to expose Labour claims that it is being reduced, when it is not.

Also, a public inquiry on the merits of a Flat Tax system for the low paid and pensioners. These groups are on fixed incomes in general yet they are taxed as any other earner. It's a disgrace that pensioners can be led away in handcuffs for protesting by with-holding their council taxes. Their choice is often to eat or heat!

By the way, Frank Field would be an excellent choice to be invited to chair such inquiries. He is so respected as a decent and honest politician, a rear breed!

How about...none at all. They're hugely wasteful, unnecessary, and never come to any serious conclusions.

I thought our party tried not to use public money on such profligate causes?

Expense claim fraud at Westminster and Brussels. The latter supposedly to be £100m!!

The "East Lothian" issue. To what extent has England and English taxpayers been disadvantaged with the use of foreign votes.

The disadvantageous terms of PFI and PPP.

Has the ONS been used in a conspiracy to cook the stats and enhance the government.

A full inquiry to establish the extent/ existence of the subsidy that different parts of the UK pay to other parts of the UK.

2020 is too far away to have any fixed ideas on this .

I'd agree with those who have suggested PFI / PPP and the long-term, as well as short-term, impact of such schemes upon the economy.

If the Tories do not hold an inquiry into the Iraq war then they will forfeit their credibility for a generation and further erode public confidence in government.

Iraq and the lies which led to it. Obviously. NB Perhaps don't ask Lord Hutton of Whitewash to conduct it.

The shooting of Jean-Charles de Menezes, and the grubby behaviour of the other Blair. Perhaps we could do this as part of Blair's redundancy package?

Perhaps an enquiry into the self-perpetuating, endless enquiries about Diana? This should be chaired by Delia Smith.

PS A Humphrey the Cat enquiry, chaired by anyone from the Cats Protection League not related to Derek Conway. Actually I'd quite like to throw my cat, sorry *hat*, into the ring for this one.

I propose an inquiry into the nationalisation, i.e. theft of Railtrack.

I would also ask the Met and CPS to re-open the the Cash for Honours case.

What about the £10 million of taxpayer's money given to the Trades Unions for "modernisation" which was then given to the Labour party ?

What about the £10 million of taxpayer's money given to the Trades Unions for "modernisation" which was then given to the Labour party ?

@TFA Tory:

Not a good idea. We'd have to have an inquiry into the dim-witted, ham-fisted privatisation that made Railtrack's ignominious failure inevitable first.

War in Iraq


Blair's adulteration of the Civil Service

Surrepticious use of taxpayer's money to fund party political objectives eg NHS leaflets and videos
( this must be a very wideranging and powerful inquiry )

NR and Railtrack

Handing over of powers to foriegn entities ie EU

and the biggest of the lot
The Constitution
and why it is that one of the participants (ie Scotland)to the 1707 Act of Union has had her national parliament restored but that the other (ie England) has been carefully singled out by the British state for denial of restoration of her national parliament .
Worse , the ancient country and people of England are consistently targeted in what can only be described as a racist and natonalist way by that same British government and parliament for suppression of any national expression at all .

Not only no parliament but no institutions no government and no representation of our own .

The problem is that the seedy old British pariamentary structure must , at present , be the vehicle for the initiation of any enquiry and many/most of the people therein are far too tired and compromised to do so .And thats not counting those who have a keen interest in preventing the corrupt stasis of 10 years being disturbed .
You have to be radical/revolutionary to do that and I suspect far too many of the "Opposition" are anxious only to continue their slumbers and perpetuate the present regime .

I agree with Tony Makara at 09.21 and all the other people who feel that we owe it to the hundreds of thousands dead, wounded and traumatised to have a properly independent inquiry into the lead-up to the Iraq war.

How and when were companies allowed to buy up other companies with borrowed money?

Several people here seem confused about the difference between a public inquiry and a Royal Commission. Given that we are not going to be back until 2010 (or 2020, as someone despairingly mentioned above) the inquiry would have to be on some recent scandal that hasn't yet happened

Bias or Labour collusion at the BBC would be a good start - Kirsty Wark and the Scottish parliament or similar.

I agree there must be revenge in victory but I am not sure, Ed, that it is a "policy" suitable for the wonks at CCHQ. They've got enough trouble already working out why it mustn't be education vouchers or tax cuts without anything extra.

That said, a Royal Commission on the future of Europe, providing that one handpicked the Commissioners, would be a marvellous method of starting a national debate on withdrawal.
I suspect that the wonks would be given a fairly firm steer on that one too, though.

We'd have to have an inquiry into the dim-witted, ham-fisted privatisation that made Railtrack's ignominious failure inevitable first.
Railway structure has been well inquired into - mostly the conclusions are that there had been decades of neglect under various governments, that the system had then been fragmented perversely actually costing more for a poorer service and the conclusions are that greater integration was neccessary, if there are to be any inquiries it is best to have one's on what the future of the railways should be rather than what the past should have been.

I support the calls for a full public inquiry on the Iraq War. It is necessary and justified.

I promote the idea of an inquiry into the purpose and the use of inquiries. Gordon Brown would support it...

A full and independent judicial inquiry into the legality of the decision to go to war against Iraq also including the govs campaign to convince the public (to include the various dossiers and how they came about). This with the outcome that any unlawful doings by former ministers will be acted on and arrests made.

I reckon, speaking as a life long non Tory voter, even I'd be tempted to vote for you guys if you promised that!

I agree with many of the suggestions but one thing I've noticed is that no one has mentioned 'Cash for Honours'. It think we should no why no charges were brought and who in the Government obstructed the investigations.

I would have thought that along with Iraq it was the single most significant issue that caused a coup within the Government and led to the eventual downfall of the former Prime Minister.

I think it would be particularly appropriate if a certain person is in the frame for the EU Presidency. The peoples of Europe should know what they are getting.....

There ahould be a Public Enquiry and a Royal Commission.
1. A public enquiry into the war in Iraq, this to cover everything from the dodgy dossier to the way our troops were let down by their commanders and political bosses at the MOD. Yes if this means embarrassment for previous Tory administrations especially the weakling Majors reduction in defence spending then so be it.
2. A royal commission into our membership of the EU. This to cover the way we were lied to in the 1975 referendum up to the Blair surrender of the budget and the Lisbon treaty.
This commission should be headed by a senior judge from a commonwealth country ie Australia or Canada and supported by a committee of senior people from these countries. In other words a completely unbiased Royal Commission.
Then after they report, a referendum in (and all they way including the Euro) or out (indpendance) clear the air once and for all.
As to the other abuses like the left wing BBC etc,, these can be dealt with in house the same way the Labour party did by appointing conservatives to leading positions to all senior posts in the few remaining Quangoes left (hopefully there will be a big cull of these).
Basically it means when Labour are put out of government, their supporters, lickspittles and minions are out work,,,,, Permanently.

Erm shouldn't we be seen to be simply focusing on sound, good governance rather than expensive inquiries?

Surely we need a sharp counter-point to Brown's dithering tendency to postpone having to make a decision by commissiong such Public enquiries.

A weak and stupid idea frankly.

How about a full cost and benefit analysis of our membership of th EU.

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