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It's time for him to go.

When you think of the previous speakers,, Speaker Martin is an example of the dumbing down of standards since nulab came to power.
Now I come from working class stock however, I recognise that to be a Speaker in the House of Commons a person should at least be intelligent and be able to speak English properly.
I,m Scottish and used to have an Aberdonian accent now however, I can talk proper English and why should we talk properly, so that everyone in this country and the rest of the English speaking world can understand what you say and respect how you say it. Many people from all parts of the UK start life with regional accents and words, yet through proper education they modify their language.
For instance The BBC Today,s James Naughtie comes from my part of the world, yet he talks proper English, if he didn,t he wouldn,t be in that job.
The gutteral Glaswegian language of the likes of Rab C Nesbitt may be funny for a comedian but for a person in a responsible position in British society it makes them sound unintelligent and, in the case of Speaker Martin, dull witted and thuggish.
For all the reasons written above, the pro government bias, the sleeze surrounding his and MP,s expenses and his general ineptitude, he should be replaced.
Also, this episode should make the Democracy Task Force being run by Kenneth Clarke look closely at how the speaker is chosen and removed.
I know the post goes to an MP,, well maybe there is a case for throwing the position open to a non parliamentarian say a person who is a High Court Judge or another learned layman and the choice of speaker also being thrown open to members of the public to vote on at the time of a General Election.
This way the Speaker is a truly unbiased person and representative of all the people.

Speaker Martin is a disgrace to himself and to his office. He has brought Parliament into disrepute. He must go, now!

Heis Gordon's human shield at PMQs ang he will not push for him to go unless the 'mo' is irresistable.

John F
Calm down mate.
We understand our Celtic neighbours aswell as we understand other English folk...Geordies, Scousers, Brummies et al.

It does not bother me at all that he speaks with a Glaswegian accent .

What does bother is that , contrary to the very essence of what is required of a Speaker ie a careful impartiality , he has only ever been partisan . A Labour government slave in fact . Link that to his blatant classism and antiEnglishness which he appears to think as integral to being Scottish Labour and this in the parliament of a so called United Kingdom which is supposed to surmount nationalities within that Kingdom and he is unnaceptable .

The killer is that has been found playing with AirMiles .

The sad thing is that the British parliament is now seen by the generality of the population to be seriously flawed . Martin is part of that . There is plenty more .

"...there is a case for throwing the position open to a non parliamentarian say a person who is a High Court Judge or another learned layman and the choice of speaker also being thrown open to members of the public..."

Absolutely not. Essential to the Speaker's role is defending the independence and prerogatives of the House, and that means that a Speaker must be OF the House, i.e., a member. Don't take this opportunity to make improvements to instead throw out the baby with the bathwater.

John F, what a bizarre thing to say.

I can understand Glaswegian accents perfectly well as can any normal person. If you can't, I'd suggest you clean your ears out a little better each morning or possibly remove your own head from your rear end?

Are you by any chance a troll, John F?

He favours the Labour Government
It is a convention though for the Speaker to favour the government, I remember Betty Boothroyd casting her vote with the government following a tie, if Michael Martin remained speaker and a Conservative government was elected then by convention he would be expected to support a Conservative government in casting votes.

If an opposition MP became Speaker then effectively the main effect of this would be to increase the Labour majority by 2.

Frank Field would probably make quite a good Speaker.

There have been some quite memorable Speakers of the House, T. G. Thomas (later to become Lord Tonypandy), Bernard Weatherill, who oversaw the televising of the House, and was the last speaker to wear a wig, and of course Betty Boothroyd. All the above are remembered with affection by Parliamentarians and members of the public who follow politics. Then we had Michael Martin – will definitely be remembered but probably for all the wrong reasons! – Yes it is time for him to go – and not because of his Glaswegian accent, nor his humble beginnings – but because he is acutely biased, not the sharpest of decision makers, and not too sure of the Standards in Public Life that he should adopt.

One cannot possibly expect the protector of perks and privileges to be turfed out on his ear by those who are enjoying them most!

His handling of PMQs is appaling - he has allowed Brown to blatantly not answer questions or treat the session as "Leader of the Opposition questions". If he carries on allowing Brown to treat PMQs with such contempt, it would be fair for our MPs to walk out en masse during PMQs.

If memory serves the Speaker always votes with the government in the event of a tie. I may of course be wrong

Re Rab C Martin, it is not that he is Scottish, or from the tenements of Glasgow, or that he is from the "working" class, a misnomer if there ever was one, it is that he is a dim half witted abusive troll with its snout so firmly in the trough that you can only see the tail. It is a great pity that with so many capable people wanting to become legislators on both sides of the political spectrum that a major party selects someone like him to rise beyond the position of leafletter.

To be even handed there are some conservatives I would share similar bile for.

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