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If this SNP-Tory partnership works out it will encourage Cameron to believe that a Tory-LibDem partnership might also work...

I'm glad there is finally some movement on getting a new Scottish Chairman. David Mundell has been less than useful in the role.

"If this SNP-Tory partnership works out it will encourage Cameron to believe that a Tory-LibDem partnership might also work..." (Alan S. 9/2/08)

The Scottish Tories working with the Scottish National Party is one thing, and to be applauded. How can any Party with principles ever even contemplate coalescing
with a shower of opportunists?
I would far rather see us working with honourable Labour MPs such as Kate Hoey and Frank Field.
Any crowd who are rushing around suggesting that we hold an In-or-Out referendum on the EU while doing all in their power to prevent what would possibly be the first stage in such a consultation of the people's will by helping Brown and Co. to avoid a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty/Constitution, are beyond contempt.

Annabel Goldie is brilliant. She has cut the conservative cloth to fit Scots conditions. We should never forget that for all its unitary tradition, Great Britain is a composite a state as any in Europe - more so than France which saw local identities crushed in the revolution. As such, devolutionary compromise, in the spirit of the Austro-Hungarians, should present us with few difficulties - the West Lothian question could be answered quite speedily but for Labour's cowardice and self-interest. Never forget that it was always those rulers who either neglected or railroaded the Scots who came a-cropper. Charles the First should have let them continue in their Calvinism undisturbed; likewise Maggie should have appointed a succession of interventionist wets to prop up Scots industry. Indeed, there are many natural tories currently to be found in the ranks of the SNP who might be won back to their British allegiance by the eminently reasonable, cautious and practical spirit embodied by Ms Goldie. Yes, Mrs Thatcher was a great stateswoman and I admire her greatly - but she had a certain bull-at-a-gate roughness and narrowness which have compromised her achievements. It was England which was ready for the unfettered market; Britain as a whole needed more time in the Butskellite nursing home. Scotland still has not fully emerged. There is no need to push or to shove.

Is he a BilderBerger too ?


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