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The conservatives should have direct debit yearly renewal memberships. Without that I become a member again every few years and then forget for a few years and join up again. If the membership renewed each year then there would not be this problem - and we would have far more members. Seems ridiculous not to do this! (I have just become a member again now and still no direct debit!)

Quite like the video. Think Cam spends too much time talking in the old-school westminster room though - talking about Brown etc in that room should have been contrasted with Cameron's message of change with him walking around, being generally vibrant.

The helix tree is good and the various messages clear and effective.

Too many messages and too much bottled water! Doesn't Cam know that Perrier and Evian aren't green!

Not bad. I personally wouldn't have wanted the description of each pledge to be up for much longer than it was but I guess a lot of people, particularly elderly people, wouldn't be able to read them before they swooshed off.

This is definitely a step in the right direction. Recruiting friends as well as members is really important. The upbeat tone in the second half is right.

I am afraid I have a few buts though:

1) "First up, we have changed the Conservative Party" - No-ooooo!!!! Still talking about ourselves!
2) It's a pity it set DC in a Westminster environment, without any people, let alone voters, anywhere near him.
3) There were too many messages, which dilutes focus and becomes confusing.
4) It didn't say anything about relieving pressure on household finances. This is becoming a daily more important issue outside the village. Inside the village there's no suggestion that anybody has noticed.

It's extraordinary how his vocal mannerisms have shifted towards Blair's - a weird combination of RP and Estuary vowels. Maybe not so extraordinary.

I liked it.

After PMQ yesterday, Mr. Cameron's is slowly building himself up (and his party) as the people's champion.

Out here in the world of voters, these are the things they really bother us.

One. We are not told how it really is, we have facile politicians in power that are arguing black is white.

Two. Not only are they misleading us daily, they are incompetent too, they are simply very bad administrators. Everyday there is a story that someone in government has messed up.

Three. (And this is the big one) Whilst we are feeling some economic discomfort (and shortly I fear, real economic pain) MPs are lining their pockets.

Yesterday, Cameron came out to make Brown look out of touch on the main seething resentment of the moment - MPs. He also made suggestions to put it right, things we (as voters) expect.

He is building his persona as our Champion on the inside in a place that has lost touch with reality.

Hence the location on the video.

Very clever.

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