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What a crass opening question, Cameron's opening is poor too (damn.)

Usual Brown trick of asking questions when he cannot think on his feet viz. EU Referendum

Curly now reaches for the Prozac!

Good stuff from Cameron on tv debates. It works well for him tactically as he's more charismatic than GB and it is in principle a v good thing.

Then Curly may be in the placebo group!

Twas Clegg who brought on the depression!

I am sure Kaufman has won that award before.
Does them more damage than us. A better/statesman like answer would have been to say 'yes,yes, there are excellent and in fairness I am sure we can all agre on that..etc.etc.
He would have distanced himself from Balls and looked like the big man, but Gordon is a dinasaur who can't think outside his pre-historic box.

Very poor from Cameron today...rather rambling.. I mean asking about expenses etc brought to mind pot and kettle... I hid behind my sofa...so embarrassing!

If you were watching the Daily Politics, there piece on homelessness included Govt, stats about homelessness which the validity of which is 'questioned' by the Big Issue.

The big loser was the camaign to save British Soveriegnty !! No mention (other than by Cameron) of the Lobby of Parliament for an EU Referendum. The BBC predictably queered the pitch by having Ken Clarke as the token Tory. For Gods sake pension him off !

"Gerald Kaufman wins the 'scraping-the-barrel-of-the-day' award "

It really is poor form for politicians to keep using the holocaust to score points. The fact that Gerald Kaufman had relatives who perished makes his point scoring all the more unsavoury. Politicians should let the dead rest in peace.

I liked the interactive live blog

Kaufman's question at PMQs mirrors his entire political career.

Sanctimony wrapped in camp, partisan nastiness.

Clegg is no threat to us based on what we have seen to date. They should have gone for Huhne.

An odd PMQ's, but Conservatives should note the organisation of the Labour back benchers where they went on the 'gimmicks' issue to attack Cameron. Are the Conservatives that organised in their attack on the Governments record? They should be, but they aren't.

Mail headlines it as Brown ducking tv debate challenge.

I actually thought today's PMQs was much more of an event than last week's.

Cameron did much better than last week. He always comes across better when he's lecturing Brown, and the subject of TV debates and reviving interest in UK politics was a very interesting - and good - one.

Brown's answer that PMQs serves this purpose already was one of the weakest I've ever heard by a Prime Minister; Cameron then rightly pointed out that hardly anyone other than us politics anoracks watches PMQS, and is no forum on which to discuss issue and personality as in the US debates.

Brown's answer to Cameron's sixth question started with - "I have a question for the leader of the Opposition..."

Err, no Gordon, it's called Prime Minister's questions for a reason...

Cameron win.

The rooftop protest is a convenient excuse for the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation to ignore the I Want A Referendum Parliamentary lobby.

I actually thought Cameron was going for a different tack this time, trying to seem more statesmanlike then Brown, by trying to address issues of general concern. Brown by comparison seemed spiteful and petty, entirely in a mental bunker and unable to raise his game, trying to make everything about partisan point-scoring. For a minute there, Brown looked more like the leader of Opposition and Cameron more like the Prime Minister.
But sooner or later the Brown is going to have to be called to order by the Speaker of the House, A Speaker of the House, probably not Martin, and reminded these are Prime Minister's Questions and he has to answer to Parliament, not vice versa.

Cameron tried today to act like a 'non-politician'. The lack of his usual coherency was staged, and his attempts to act like he was in touch with the people (something you will all remember that another Leader of the Opposition engaged in thirteen years ago) didn't ring true. When this is looked at in tandem with the nauseating spectacle that was Kaufman's question, it is easy to conclude that this week's PMQs was nothing either party can be proud of.

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