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And don't please forget Tibet!

China's policy of no-strings trade seems to be an alarmingly efficient way to win friends and influence people.

We really should be worried. We're far too demanding. Nobody's gonna want to be our friend, 50 years from now, when they can get a piece of the PRC action instead and have them demand nothing in return.

I meant to add to the above the discrepancy between Brown intervening in the cricket tour to Zimbabwe, and saying (as he said today at his press conference) that the question of boycotting the Olympics was a matter for the Olympics Commission.

Martin Coxall, China have their eyes firmly set on turning Africa into a feeder continent. There was a good debate on this recently in the FT. Here is a link in case you missed it.


I hope Ben Rogers gets to Parliament soon.

We need someone of his calibre in the Commons addressing human rights issues.

I'm very encouraged that the party is taking these human rights issues more and more seriously. If I was oppressed in a foreign land I would hope all civilised nations would care to campaign for my freedom.

I just received a release from the CDU which is interesting so I will translate it.

The CDU Germany emphatically demands that the Belarus government release all political prisoners. The Belarus government must allow freedom of expression and assembly and end persecution of all democratic opposition...our friends in the democratic opposition ought to know that the CDU will always stand by their side.

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