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Good speech from Hague.He articulates exactly what people like me are thinking. Both MCain and Obama are articulate and will be able to explain American policy far far better than Bush.
We don't know yet but I would also hope that a McCain or Obama presidency would not indulge in the childish behaviour Bush did with Howard and Cameron by refusing to meet them. This stupid action destroyed his credibility with people like me.
A lot will obviously depend on the quality of people that surround them and I don't know yet how good these people are but America used to have some very skilful diplomats so if either McCain or Obama surround themselves with people of the calibre of Kissinger, Haig or Weinberger they should be OK. At least we will soon see the back of John Bolton.

Malcolm, yes, hopefully the next administration will listen to its critics. The art of politics involves listening to every shade of opinion and making a judgment based on what one feels to be the right course of action. Any president who believes he is always right, all of the time, becomes an accident waiting to happen. Even the greatest thinkers and political stategists need imput from others, and political imput is the most helpful in looking at any given situation. The next American persident has a hard task in convincing the world that America wants to build bridges rather than burn them.

More than anything else, the thing that has destroyed America's moral authority, perhaps even beyond the unbridled chaos of the Iraq escapade, is Guantanamo Bay.

The first action of the incoming president should be to close it down, and apologise for it, making it clear it was a grotesque violation of American value by a grotesque President, and take steps to ensure that things like it cannot happen again.

Has McCain said anything about Guantanamo?

My feeling is that McCain is too tainted by the foul stench of Iraq to be able to restore people's respect for America. In any case, his belligerence over Iran suggests that if he is elected, the American people will have learned nothing from the disastrous Bush years.

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