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McLoughlin is not pro-actively managing the MP problems. He knew about Conway's investigation and knows how vulnerable we are with this bunch of arrogant bed blockers.

Yet he seems to have been a by stander watching the car crash develop.

Hague is over rated. One very good speech and an under performing opposition plan on the treaty.

We have to gain the trust of the electorate on the economy, national security, the Home Office, health and education (76%, 30%, 80%, 49%, and 52% respectively).
It would be good if all key shadows were 75% or over.

How about Grayling also benefiting from the resignation of his opposite number?

Edward makes a good point. Grayling was vigorous in his pursuit of Hain (as this website celebrated).

Most of the above might well be doing a good job in their particular niche area but unfortunately most are just not vocal enough. It was great to see Grant Shapps slapping down Caroline Flint after her ill thought out plans to take council housing away from the jobless. As if we don't already have enough problems with homelessness without Flint trying to add to it! Yet more 'Animal Farm' politics from Labour, the champions of the poor.

I think Chris Grayling was also good in holding Peter Hain to account although I'd still like him to think again about forcing mothers to look for work once their child reaches four. Michael Gove continues to enjoy some positive publicity on TV in non-political roles, thats fine so long as he doesn't follow Anne Widdecombe's tactic of 'publicity for publicity's sake'. I always look forward to hearing what George Osborne has to say and I like how he can look quite angry sometimes, I just wish we could see more of him bashing the chancellor.

Scores seem considerably dependent on recent media exposure, particularly television, plus seniority.

Chris Grayling, Philip Hammond and Andrew Lansley all show command of their subjects. In other words, coming across as having something the Government lacks, competence.

McLoughlin is not pro-actively managing the MP problems. He knew about Conway's investigation and knows how vulnerable we are with this bunch of arrogant bed blockers.

What is his job, just out of interest? He is my MP now.

He's Conservative Chief Whip Comstock

Thank you, Malcolm :)

Well I would have said that the two big stories in this are Osborne still only on +24%, which is an improvement but still nothing like a clear demonstration of confidence, and Warsi's decline to a massive -20%. Both of these ratings are particularly telling when you bear in mind that they were especially chosen by Cameron.

Mr Angry, those are figures from a few months ago... the recent figures are +76 for George Osborne, and +16 for Sayeeda Warsi. So your analysis is flawed.

The poor performers tend to have a low profile in the media and rarely contribute to this site. The exception is the vain Theresa May, who has a high profile and wrote a weekly column here, is very unpopular with activists.

The rumours are that Andrew Mackay will replace McLoughlin as Chief Whip in the summer reshuffle.

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