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"oversee detailed debates on Bills"...like the Lisbon Treaty ratification Bill? If so, then he shouldnt get a bonus because of the disgraceful way in which ratification has occured.

Surely he should have been spending more time doing the accounts instead of this "chairmans panel" job.

On last week's 'The Week in Westminster', Sir George Young was waffling on about the 'tough' penalties Mr Conway had suffered. Is he a muppet or an accomplice?

I'd like to see open primaries/caucuses for all sitting MPs. Perhaps it would winkle out those overly concerned with featherbedding themselves.

I blame The Speaker here. He's guilty of a pattern of protecting MPs from scrutiny.

Making it all the more of a mystery that Cameron doesn't call on Conway to do the decent thing and resign from Parliament. It's almost as if grubby self-interest came before moral piety.


Mr Cameron has withdrawn the Conservative whip from Mr Conway. He doesn't have the legal authority to force an elected member of parliament to resign.

What is supposed to be the newsworthy allegation here? That Conway isn't really a member of the 'Chairman's Panel'?

Um, Cameron during the course of his leadership has called numerous times for people to resign from jobs he has no control over. What makes this all the more stupid is that it's an open goal for Cameron. As he indeed can't make Conway resign, and Conway is certain not to resign, Cameron would have gained the all the kudos for calling for him to go at effectively zero risk to himself. But he didn't, and it's too late now. To get the credit that is. As the Conway story continues to unfold, as it will, wait and watch and see Dave being bounced by the press into making exactly this call. And then, for those who care for that sort of thing, tune into CH to see the Roons start barking about Dave's 'determined leadership . . . leading from the front . . . putting one over on Brown', blah blah, blah blah.

Which resignations has Cameron called for ACT?
Cameron took the decision that was open to him within 24 hours of this story emerging. Arguably he could have made it earlier but he was still quick and decisive,unlike of course the dithering,useless leader of the Labour Party.
I know the purpose of all your posts on this blog is to criticise the Conservative party but on this one I think you'll fail.

Today, courtesy of The Independent, we learn that Derek Conway MP has kept a £13,000pa bonus that he receives from the taxpayer "as a member of the "chairmen's panel" appointed by the Speaker Michael Martin to oversee detailed debates on Bills."
Given the fiasco of how Derek Conway has handled his expenses and running of his office it is totally innapropriate that he should remain in such a position - someone or some body presumably has powers to remove him from such a position and an attempt should be made to remove him - if this is not possible then perhaps an Early Day Motion expressing opinions of MPs on the matter should be held - if it had the backing of all the frontbenches and the overwhelming majority of MPs then this would up the pressure on Derek Conway to resign from the position on the committee.

What resignations has Dave called for? Off the top of my head, Peter Hain, Charles Clarke, & Jon Mendelsohn. And even the tamest of Davite running dogs - hullo Malcolm - would be hard pressed to claim that Cameron was legally entitled to sack any of them. If Cameron, as he pretends, really was morally outraged by Conway, he'd, a la Hain, Clarke, Mendelsohn &c, call on him to quit the House, but he doesn't. Yet, as the Conway story works its way out, Dave will be beaten by the press into making exactly this call. There's leadership for you.

He certainly did not call for the resignation of Peter Hain. He suggested to Gordon Brown that he ask Hain to explain himself or sack him.He also called on Blair to sack Clarke.
If you're going to make these aspersions you've got to try and get the facts right.
It would be better if Conway quit the house in my opinion. Equally it would be better if Harman, Hain, Vaz,Robinson,Byers,Blunkett etcetc etc quit the House too.

Presumabley he did this work so I do not see how we can legitamately take issue with it.

We are uncomfortable with the whole system.

And whilst ever we have Gordon, we will have Mick and whilst we have Mick we will have no satisfaction.

Fantastic counter-argument Malcolm ('uh, yeah, sure, you're right 2 out of 3). A boring fact for you:

On Mr Brown's "full confidence" in his minister, Mr Cameron added: "If I was in the prime minister's shoes I would say to Peter Hain, 'look, you've got to get out there, you have got to explain yourself, you've got to answer all these questions. And if you can do that then maybe your job is safe, but if you can't then you will have to go'.

Keep on cheerleading though - Dave's got a very fragile ego and if its wasn't for the supportive posts on CH, the poor dear could hardly face getting out of bed in the mornings.

Exactly ACT,you have made my point for me.Thanks.

Are you using that keyboard with parental consent?

Can we return to the subject please?

Is malcolm dunn mr amerons spin doctor by any chance?You sound almost sycophantic sir..we have to ask very awkward questions of mr cameron as thats exactly what the public and the press will do at the next G.E.Also if Micheal howard was able to cull Howard flight so well why can't Mr Cameron do the same with mr Conman OOOPS i mean conway.

CORRECTION: First line should read Mr Cameron

If we must continue to have the drip, drip, drip effect from these stories, then surely it is time for the whole Parliamentary structure for remuneration and expenses (in both Houses)to be thoroughly overhauled - and not by Mr. Speaker's appointed few!

No, Gnosis, I am not David Cameron's spin doctor, I just happen to believe he made the right decision with Conway. Yet again this thread reveals that those people who seek to attack the Conservative party on this blog have to hide behind the cowardly cloak of pseudonyms.

Whereas though who brown nose the leadership bravely use their own names. Truly, it's a funny old world.

And now, after the press has pushed both, equally compromised front benches into doing so, Conway's been kicked off the panel. Next step, equally under media pressure all the way, Conway *will* be kicked out of the House. Again - why doesn't Cameron do 'the right thing' and call on Conway to stand down? What precisely is the argument for Conway staying one day longer as an MP?

There isn't one ACT.Just as there isn't for the sleazeballs who line the Labour benches in the Commons and the Lords.

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