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"British consumers would prefer to back British farmers and to buy British food. But they find it difficult"

All so very true. I try to buy British where possible but struggle to find anything at all that is domestically produced. All British produced foods should carry a huge union flag, to let consumers know that by buying it they will be supporting our agricultural community.

I agree with Dave and Tony. I buy British as often as possible (including clothes, cars and hifi) even if it costs a bit more. Sadly, most British wines are over-priced and not value for money.

Sadly, most British wines are over-priced and not value for money.

Agreed. I can only hope that once 'global warming' kicks in we'll once again be able to grow some of the more interesting vine-varieties in England. I'm waiting for the 'climate change scientists' to tell me just what grapes will best suit my south-facing slopes.

LOL! I loved that politically incorrect post from Tanuki. The Romans grew vines and made wine as far north as Newcastle. No man made global warming back then!

Its all about population, population, population, trouble is no one in the Westminster village can or is prepared to comprehend this basic fact, probably because the parties of the left waxing lyrical about mass immigration ( the driver of our population growth ) and the Conservatives have been sworn into a vow of silence on the issue. Result on this, housing supply, energy, public services availability, transport, the Westminster village is an irrelevance, for what’s the point of worrying about our carbon foot print, food supplies or anything else when the British state is adding in excess of 250,000 people to our population every year.

Agricultural policy is totally an EU competence.

Agricultural policy is totally an EU competence.

The CAP is an EU incompetence.

Food security is vital. Sudden catastrophe is always possible, and it will be every nation for themselves when it happens. ( It has happened before with large volcanic eruptions in Iceland ).

The problem is we struggled to feed our smaller population 60 years ago.

Does anyone want to speculate what society would look like after the super market shelves have been empty for a week ?

Its a cheap thing to put right now... Cameron should ask about the size of emergency food stores in the UK. We need at least 1.5 years for 60 million people.

The CAP is a subsidy for fat people. Food security is just an excuse for being a tortoise. Shame I can't vote for a party that advocates less aid and less agri-subsidies and would allow more imported food together with lower taxes.

It's great that David Cameron is adding this issue to the longer and longer list of policy areas that the Conservatives will address head on when they win the next election - as I suggested some months ago (http://devilinthedetail.blogspot.com/2007/09/are-you-starving.html)

This is an issue that people will really connect with and, as long as Cameron can show that he has a strategy to bring the EU into line, then it will capture those floating voters who need some inspiration to vote Conservative.

"and would allow more imported food together with lower taxes."

With a world population heading to 10-12 billion there is going to precious little food on sale around the world that we will be able to import.

It is a shame that all food is not labelled with country of origin. I always try and buy British in all things if I can but that can be very difficult at times if it's not labelled.
Totally agree with posters about British wine,very difficult to find anything good and impossible to find anything good at a decent price. Did once share a pretty good bottle with the esteemed Editor of this site at one of the Commons resturants but I bet it's not available to the general public.

I agree entirely with supporting British growers and producers. The countryside must remain a living, working place - it is worrying how few farm animals you see grazing in the fields now. What about eating fruit and vegetables 'in season'? We can have lovely root vegetables like carrots, swede, turnip and parsnip during the winter months.

Self-sufficiency would be economic cretinism, as if Adam Smith and David Ricardo had never put pen to paper.

Global food production has outstripped population growth by about 50% in the last 50 years, so there's little chance of a food shortage - and we have barely started to see the potential of GM (which the Americans and the Canadians have been cheerfully eating for more than a decade).

Price distortion because of subsidies for bio-fuels and subsidies to farmers is another matter.

A green and pleasant land is lovely but please don't pretend there's an economic argument for it.

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