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A gentleman in every sense of the word. Principled and polite. A true servant of the crown. What a contrast with the self-serving chameleons of today. The fact that John Biffen could respect principled adversaries shows he understood that politics is about ideas rather than parties or individuals.

John Biffen would not get on the Candidates List today. His views on the EU and other issues would be too "extreme" for Dave and John Maples.

TFA Tory, all parties will suffer for their selection of safe mainstream candidates in the long run because they are not producing the critical thinkers of Mr Biffen's generation. This means there will always be a shortage of ideas to generate party policy. The Labour party has effectively killed independent thinking within its ranks and now has no-one who can come up with the big ideas needed for government. The victory of career over conscience has lead to the defeat of real politics in our country.

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