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May down 5. Osborne down 4. Maude down 1 (what does he actually do?). Not an awful lot of movement, but then again, not an awful lot has happened in the last month.

Editor, how is the 'Dont knows' looking for the Shadow Cabinet?

Well done Sayeeda!

I've only really been disappointed with Chris Grayling shifting the Conservative position on expecting single mothers to look for work. The official position used to be that the mother should be expected to work once the child is eleven and had left primary school, but now this has been changed and the mother is compelled to look for work when her child is only four, why was this change made? This is not only a bad move in terms of the effects on children but will also cost votes. Once again I ask Mr Grayling to think again on this matter.

Good to see Caroline Spelman up and David Willetts steadily recovering after grammarsgate too.

Trust you James, to look at the negatives on what is a pretty positive poll for the Shadow Cabinet.
But I do agree with you, some of its members are still invisible.

Get rid of the negatives and youve only got positives.

Sayeeda Warsi has been easily our most effective and lucid performer on programmes such as Question Time, and Any Questions.

She knocks people like Spelman and Maude into a cocked hat, so to speak.

Yes but consistent negative comment, becomes negative attitude, becomes pessimism, to which the word positive is a 'foreign land' --- where the sun shines!

The women (see numbers 21 to 24) are rated badly, even newcomers like Cheryl Gillan and Theresa Villiers? Are they up to the job?

I still find it hard to believe that Sayeeda Warsi is any good, as she had to be catapulted into the Lords. I still suspect that she is there as "muslim woman window dressing", and agreed with Rod Liddle on the issue of the teddy bear woman, although Lady Warsi was probably directed to act as she did by "higher up".

I second the person who asked for the "don't know" percentages.

And as a pro-hereditary Tory, I am gloomy about the high support for Lord Strathcylde, a Lords Reformer.


Have you seen Sayeeda Warsi on TV ?

Just one comment. As reported in Private Eye Dec 7 and not denied, Pauline Neville-Jones who was part-time non executive chair of QinetiQ made more than £350,00 from a £60,000 investment in the company. Edward Leigh said taxayers had been "short changed" and some senior managers had "won the jackpot". The QinetiQ affair was a scandal.

A fit person to be in the shadow cabinet?

Good to see Davis doing well, he is loved by the grassroots yet gets neutral (at best) coverage from this site.

Please can we have Sireen Ritchie put in the lords, and the Shadow Cabinet.
That would be stupendous!!!

London Tory- last time I saw her on QT was shortly after her peerage and it was an extremely wishy-washy performance that convinced nobody of anything.

Were you reading this site during the leadership race Mark? It was very pro DD.

The main bias of this site (from my chair) is towards certain issues. It's pro-party democracy, pro-American, in favour of IDS' social justice agenda and can't stand the BBC.

St. Francis of Maastricht only at second bottom rather than bottom? What on earth can David Mundell have done that's worse than treason and compulsory metrication?

Sayeeda Waresi = The Emperor's New Clothes.

Mundell is useless and despised by MEPs and activists in Scotland. His report to Cameron that trashed his colleagues in Holyrood was regarded as treachery. Mundell was also responsible for the disastrous Dunfermline by-election campaign.

Well if the boundary estimate is correct for 2001, he gained his seat in 2005 with a large swing.

Some of the Scottish results were markedly better in May 2007 (Holroyd and Local) so if they carefully target a few places it could come off.

Phillip Hammond is also a good brain, like Dominic Grieve - definitely government material.

Granted CCHQ Spy. I suspect that was because DD was the anyone but Cameron candidate, though..

London Tory - I believe I saw part of the same appearance as Kate Bollinger - and I would second her comments on Lady Warsi's performance.

I hope that I am quite wrong, but I will await evidence to suggest that I am not, for the meantime.


The scandal relates to the way the Treasury handled the deal including the pricing.

What would anyone do if offered such shares? Barking up the wrong tree to question Pauline NJ involvement in this transaction.

Kate Bollinger and IRJMilne.

I agree; if anything wishy washy is somewhat too generous.

Up to 2005 I was a supporter of David Davis, and planned to vote for him during the leadership campaign. I changed my mind over one pivotal incident (for me, anyway).
DD had returned to the council estate where I believe he was brought up. During the course of wandering the estate with the media, a local kid aged no more than 10 came up to him and said 'ere mister, are you Tony Blair?' With the Press in tow, this was the perfect opportunity for DD to show some empathy. One can just imagine how Blair himself, or even Cameron, would have played it, with a self depreciating quip, and arm round the kids shoulder, and some good natured banter. I am afraid that DD completely fluffed it, and gave a very surly, mumbled response to the young lad which could broadly be summed up as "No".
I have no doubt that DD could be an effective Home Secretary. The jury is out on his previous stint as a minister. I also have no doubt that he tickles a spot for most of our activists. But I changed my vote to Cameron after seeing his response that day, and I am even more convinced since that the Party and I have made the right choice for Leader.

London Tory: If you want a leader who breaks the pledges he's elected on - EPP withdrawal in "months not years" - that's fine by me - just don't expect cynics like me to find him different from Broon...

"The women (see numbers 21 to 24) are rated badly, even newcomers like Cheryl Gillan and Theresa Villiers? Are they up to the job?"

I missed this earlier - I always tick "don't know" for Cheryl Gillan, as I know nothing about her. I don't have time to read straight through Hansard every day, and newspapers don't report anything much about what people like Cheryl Gillan do (when was she last mentioned in the Telegraph?)


Cheryl has the lead in Wales and I've not heard anybody here have anything but praise, including me.

You are right about the Telegraph (and the other nationals that broadly support us); we would have appreciated some exposure during the Assembly campaign - it might just have helped tip the seats we came very close in.

I'm with you jonnyboy, Cheryl does a terrific job in Wales and always get top marks from me.

Don't knock Sayeeda Warsi - the woman oozes sound common sense, though her position is a politically-correct shadow cabinet non-job where she can't really reach her full potential.

No woman in the top 12.


I agree with Griswold. We would all like to see a short-term investment of £60K produce a profit of £350K. It hasn`t happened to me yet. This looks very much like insider trading - good old-fashioned sleaze. Unfortunately we are not likely to know the truth about how and when Neville-Jones and the others came to purchase the shares. All we are told is that she did "acept the offer to invest".

The Tory chaired Public accounts committee should be demanding a full enquiry into the QinetiQ scandal, but this is not likely to happpen. Dog doesn`t eat dog.
The defence budget has been short changed, at a time when our fighting men are suffering a lack of proper equipment.

These people should be ashamed of themselves.

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