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Crime should be our number one campaigning issue.
Alongside immigration it matters most to voters and a tough message coupled with Cameron's social responsibility thinking will have a lot of appeal.

It sounds tough and itll grab headlines but in practice I can see a whole world of objections from the civil liberties lobby.

The police will always treat certain groups with more suspicion than others. The defence by those on this policy that if you are innocent then you have nothing to hide is the same argument Labour use for ID Cards.

Perhaps Cameron could find Keeley a job in the Home Office when he becomes PM,she couldn't do worse than the present incumbent.

Did you notice how Tony McNulty a Home Office Minister was on the BBC radio 5 phone in on this topic this morning, rubbishing Cameron's plans, aided and abetted by the first two callers who cliamed the polce already have these powers? It looked suspiciously like a stitch-up to me.

McNulty has also been on various TV news programmes this morning but I haven't seen any Tory representation.

It's great for Cameron to get this on the front of The Sun but Tory shadow ministers should have been all over the airwaves this morning backing him, not allowing Labour to come on unnopposed and ridiculing his proposals.

Well if he has the support of Page 3's Keeley then it must be ok,what a load of drivel that rag is also this sounds incredibly like smiths plans for the labour party,please come up with some NEW and DIFFERENT ideas for christ sake!

Dare I say that Keely should be helping DC put "booby's on the beat" !!

What, no jokes about Keeley and what would happen if she asked to 'stop and search' you?

"We need more newer rules".

What exactly does this mean?

Does he mean,scrap existing rules and bring in more rules that will of course be newer than the scrapped ones?

Why use such a way as this to say something,it smells of something but I cant quite tell what it is,yet.

I'm pretty sure that Keeley lives in Bromley, so I'll be marking her as a C on our canvass returns.

You arent going to check her out, politically, James?

"It looked suspiciously like a stitch-up to me."

Especially when McNulty sought to get praise for wanting to remove bureaucracy from the Police, when it was his Government would put the burden on the police, yet the tame BBC presenter didn't bother to point this out.

Keeley could do no worse than the current Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, who constantly makes a t*t of herself.

We may as well have Keely,afterall,we still seem to be backing Conway dont we?

We wont get rid of anuone like Conway,because we would run a chance of being defeated in the by election that would follow.People have long memories what with all the past and present sleaze,he should have been fired,2010 is just around the corner and looming faster than some think.

It's disappointing to read all this infantile nonsense on this thread simply because a page 3 pin-up was mentioned. Grow up please.

More must be done to keep The Sun promoting Conservative policy. That paper, more than any other in this country, has a real influence on its readers. The Sun always has a knack of judging the public mood and in reflecting it. Thats why its such a popular paper, so keep The Sun supplied with lots of policy please!

Cameron is wrong. The problem is the Police have too many powers. The (once) good cops have long since been pushed out of this rotten institution, leaving only bullies, criminal thugs and corrupt yes-men behind, and it has become a threat to the public.

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