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PLEASE Can we have the interchange on its own and the comments separate. It's impossible to make sense of this

On the subject of live blogs it would be great in Conservative Home had a live chatroom some evenings? I've tried using the political chatrooms on places like yahoo and lycos in the past but they were full of idiots who were more interested in scoring points than in having a proper debate. A live chatroom with perhaps a guest from the world of politics would be something to really look forward to.

Sorry - It's me again.

What was the answer to "Patrick Cormack: How does Brown reconcile Parliament being at the heart of the legislative process with the vote to curtail debate on the Lisbon treaty? " It got lost in all the endless comments, as did Nicholas Soames' .

They must be separated and the person doing the blogging should stick to reportage . THIS is the place for comments.

Sorry but the experiment was a disaster.

I agree with Christina, I couldn't read the blog properly as it kept shifting around.

In answer to Patrick Cormack's qusetion Brown babbled on about allowing the next three or four weeks to debate the issue. No apologies for guillotines!

I agree with the other comments. I've come on here late (1320) to see a round up of PMQs, and I haven't really got a clue what happened, what Brown's answers were etc.

The old summary was better - I could log on in the afternoon and see a neat summary of the questions and answers.

"No apologies for guillotines!"

And still BBC isn't reporting it. The silence from our public service broadcaster on the subject would make you think a 'D' notice had been slapped on the subject, but may be that's not necessary considering the self censorship the BBC engages in on the EU and with the £250 million in soft loans the BBC has jus got from the EU has guaranteed their silence.

Live blog is great.Just click to replay.

Brilliant comment over at Iain Dale's:

"First Lord of The Waffle said...
I would like to refer those in this house that would say and indeed do say, now and in the future, that the statement 'Gordon Brown is a complete arse' that a super duper official review chaired by Lord Wotsit and Lord Blokey (The former chief of nonsense planning) into the veracity of that statement. Further I would like to point out that in the coming weeks and months HM government is going to be increasing the rate at which the 'rolling out' of the various strategies for enhancing the verbosity of all statements by ministers and officials at every level everywhere in Scotland, in Wales, in Northern Ireland and indeed the conquered territory formerly known as England is taking place and is going to take place in the short to medium term and indeed if I may say so the medium term and further I can now reveal the medium to long term and it can today be confirmed the long term and in a statement on tuesday we will make a firm commitment to the long to very long term although I feel I must point out that it could all be a complete lie and we're actually totally complacent about everything and are just flanneling.

In all seriousness, perhaps Cameron should use his last question to ask "Having avoided giving a meaningful answer to my last two questions, please would the Prime Minister tell us what is the point of Prime Minister's questions?"

The Paxman approach might work. Look what it did to Howard.

The software, I think, was very good, and a major improvement on the past - particularly love the ability to do instant polls, and comments being easily integrated at the same time as questions and answers.

That said, the reporting of the answers themselves was not as proficient as normal. Whilst I know that typing to keep up with people speaking is difficult (at best), perhaps the host should have stuck to reporting the questions and answers, and then replying to comments/setting up polls afterwards?

Still, a slightly shaky, but overall good start for a very promising future way of liveblogging PMQs.

What did Bo-Jo say, then? Five Live said he had got to his feet, then they cut to the news and I had to go back in to uni and couldn't listen to anymore.

Brown needs to be careful. For the past few weeks he has avoided answering every single question and constantly lies.

Last week he was confusing the definitions of administration and liquidation and forgetting the fact that Labour's position on Northern Rock, that's why we're no longer supporting their position. This time blatently lieing about Boris' policy on police funding is just ridiculous.

Brown looks like a pathetic liar who won't answer question and he's wrong if he thinks no one will notice.

You are quite right about Brown, Michael at 16.27:

"For the past few weeks he has avoided answering every single question and constantly lies".

Perhaps we ought to use Boris's words instead: "the PM misled the House" but the effect is the same. According to Brown, inflation is 2% (we all know how he calculates that) and crime has dropped by 30%, serious crime by 32% etc. Do either of those stats reflect the state of play that you or I have experience of?

I liked the Speaker's comment when calling the House to order: "Let the PM answer" and then rather spoiled it by adding "In his own way".

I don't know who won today but I do know that Brown looked as if he wished he were anywhere other than attending PMQs.

Brown has clearly decided that at PMQs he is either going to lie or not answer questions. In the first case some mud will stick (the BBC will probably see to that) in the latter case it is already hailed as Brown "getting the hang of PMQs".

Unless there is a change of tactics Brown is going to get away with it. In the first case there is the need for rebutal, perhaps at a press conference afterwards, in the latter Cameron needs to refuse to move on to a following question and demand answers - that could be really good box office.

Another aspect of Brown's lying/misleading was with regards to the winter fuel allowance. He said "all those over 60 receive £200 (I think?) fuel allowances". What he SHOULD have said was "all HOUSEHOLDS with one person (or more) over 60 receive £200".

Otherwise, my parents would be entitled to £400.

Thanks for your comments everybody
We'll try to do this most weeks

Please don 't - you've wrecked an excellent service. It was super before.

please ignore Christina, most blog participants and readers loved the liveblog

We'll stick with it, I think it's nifty. Our comments are clearly distinguished from others.

What we didn't have time to do today but did intend to was a short bullet-point summary to accompany it, for those who just want an at-a-glance guide rather than comprehensive one.

I thought the live blog worked ok. Worth keeping going with.

Reader @ 2000 "most blog participants and readers loved the liveblog" How do you know?

About 5 participants showing of with banal comments and getting in the way of what actually was SAID. (Some went unreported)

I know it's new toy but it'll be broken soon and since this blog is meant to be serious do stop playing games please even if they are "nifty" (whatever that means.)

It was great before

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