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Iain Dale is, after all, the former parliamentary candidate who managed to turn a marginal LD/Con seat in Norfolk (maj less than 1,000) into a safe LD seat (maj 10,000). His political judgment is again questionable given his support for his 'mate' Conway: he should just say "conflict of interest" and keep mum, rather than trying to defend the indefensible.

As a big fan of his blog, I am disappointed.

Iain Dale is showing great loyalty as a friend, which isn't doing him any good politically. Quite admirable really.


Dan Hanna thrown outr of EPP

Make that Dan Hannan thrown out of the EPP

Mr. Dale repeated the old story about UKIP "intervention" having cost the Tories seats in a recent article in the Daily Telegraph. I wrote to him pointing out that here in Runnymede & Weybridge, and neighbouring Spelthorne, at the last general election where UKIP put up a candidate, the sitting Conservatives were returned with increased majorities but not vote of thanks to UKIP was sent. He did not reply.

On the Conway disaster there is a letter from me in the Telegraph today. Mr. Dale won`t like it.

Conway may be an old friend of his, but he would have been wise to remain silent on this occasion.

Who needs a moral compass when you have loyalty to a man who has contributed little more to parliament than perpetuating its pathetic school playground power games.

Cameron should audit all the allowance claims of every Tory MP and publish the results. Conway is not the only one who has broken the rules.

If the report is different in tone from the conclusions of a Labour Committee, then you can understand Iain's position.
[Maybe that is why Cameron took the report home that night].

The man is offering some light and shade for his friend, not a defence.
He has at least read the report which is more than many of us and probably most of Fleet Street [I confess, I haven't]. I was unhappy at some of the conclusions jumped to. eg because someone is at Uni they can't research/write speaches etc.- like they work every hour on their essays! Anyone heard of email/instant messaging/the phone/holidays. If the son/sons did real work, it makes a DEGREE [pardon the pun] of difference [mitigation, not a defence] and if that degree means he has not done anything criminal, it will be a very significant degree, and I, for one will be relieved.
I think Iain's beef is that he is being condemned on some facts that are far from fairly established, including being a criminal. He is right to take issue with that - and brave.

The problem is that even if the boy did some real work, Mr Conway's conduct has fallen below that we expect from a public official [especially one that has complained about the same behaviour in others] and he initiallly seemed to fail to realise the standards WE as the grassroots of the Tory Party expect from OUR people. He had to know he was stepping over a line, and as a politican, let alone a tory one, could not expect a sympatheitic hearing from a public listening to the nuances of his wrong doing and grading it accordingly. He is an experienced politican. His greed and stupidity has cost all of us who work for the party for nothing. I am sure I was not alone in being able to qualify my thoughts, but condemn him anyway.
It is little comfort at the moment, but he appears to be trying to do now what he should have done earlier - his best.

Moral Minority - can't remember if you are a Lib Dem?
I agree with the spirit of your disclosure comments and trust you have made the same request on LibDem Voice.
This is not confined to Tory MPs.

Re Moral minority. Can`t see Cameron agreeing to this. Don`t forget, when he insulted UKIP supporters with his "fruitcakes and closet racists" he was backed up by one Alice Sheffield from his office who quoted Operation Black Vote in support!
This lady is Cameron`s sister in law. Don`t know if she is still employed by him or if she was ever paid, but I shall be surprised if he wants a full investigation into MPs` finances. That, however, is what we must have if confidence in our elected representatives is to be restored.

Just seen the item about Mr Hannan and I have to say it serves him right! I don't expect any of you to agree with me - but I think his behaviour has been pretty disgraceful.

Sally Roberts

So you believe in supresing the truth. Remember how Hitler achieved power and b vey cared.

The consitution now being forced though parliment gives these ictatos total control over this countr.

Understandable, John that your frenzy has rendered you unable to type!! I certainly do recall a Herr Hitler in the past and believe he was responsible for murdering several million of those who share my faith.

I agree with Sally - Hannan has been skating on ice for a long time now. Others should take note. As for a certain MEP, I'd expell him from the Party.

There's This a thread to discuss Dan Hannan. Not here please.


Dale would never criticise a friend of David Davis. His belief system is entirely based on how what is best for Davis and his friends.

Trigger happy Iain Dale attacks other politicians ruthlessly but defends his chum who has done much worse.
Dale has become a difficult man to respect.

Yes, I agree, Alan.

I'm sad to say, this is Dale's equivalent of Guido's Newsnight embarrassment. He does a great job most of the time so it's bound to happen.

It's certainly been a bad week for Iain Dale. His judgment, and perhaps his moral values, have been shown to be sadly lacking. I can see now why he still hasn't become a prospective Conservative candidate despite all his frantic efforts.


At least they all had a jolly nice Christmas

Cameron should audit all the allowance claims of every Tory MP and publish the results

Including his own - and Boy George's

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