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Helpful summary thanks.

The MRSA fine that the press were all over online made one sentence of the speech!

By this speech David C. is condemning everyone to the same old second-rate "institutionalised" healthcare we've had for decades. He's saying no significant reform of the NHS, no attempt to break the current 'producer capture' mess which has the government in thrall to doctors, nurses health-trusts and sundry other NHS bureaucrats, rather than to the true customers - the patients.

For me the rejection of the "Patient passport" idea a couple of years back was for me a total let-down; the same applies for my family and many of my friends. We'd hoped that the 'patient passport' idea would give us the freedom to seek best-of-breed for our healthcare and choose the options which best suited us (whether public or private).

Who will have the courage to break the mould?

By fining hospitals the only people who are penalised are the people in them.

Looks like another GRAMMER SCHOOLS blot on us I'm afraid.

What NHS was Cameron talking about, Scottish Welsh, Northern Irish, or was it the country which no Conservative or other british political party will mention by name, England?

He's in dream land if he thinks we can ever really be the party of the NHS.

Why doesn't he just stick to cutting the waste, abolishing Labour targets and bureaucracy ?

Enough with the boring platitudes already.

Thanks for your clear summary. This is no blot! Starting the NHS Anniversary year with a speech like this sends out the clear message that healthcare is the top priority for the Conservative Party. The emphasis on equity with excellence is vital. So many of the decisions that both we as individuals and Government make effect our health, and consequently both our own quality of life and those around us. Much of the speech reaffirmed what we already knew, but I am delighted to see the reference to medical records held locally, owned by the individual. I'd like to go further, and suggest that our electronic medical record should be 'held' by us, with the adult individual having the access code - and parents having authoirty over their children's medical records with clear guidelines for children 'at risk'.

"Take me to the humanist soup kitchen".

Brilliant line!

It's good to have a leader who appreciates the importance of Christian charity.

This seems a 'safe' modification of the present system, with tweaks here and there.

Has all this been done for the sake of avoiding accusations or for fear of deviating from a loved but undermined and crumbling institution, or even concern that any bright ideas are copied?

As a GP, I was hoping for a more radical approach.

"Gordon Brown’s blundering into this subject at the start of the year was so depressing. This is the worst sort of government-by-gimmick, policy-by-press-briefing, and initiative-by-insinuation that he promised to get away from... when it comes to short-term sound-bite and tricksy politics, Brown is worse than Blair."

Except Brown got lots of coverage for his spin and hardly anyone will know what Cameron said. We really must get out of the Tory mindset that all we need to do is deliver sonorous speeches.

Having just watched a loved one at the end of life go through the NHS system I have to say I have serious doubts as to whether preserving this monolithic socialist institution is the statesmanlike thing to do.

In too many ways the rationing of healthcare with its too often unfair and unequal outcomes makes a mockery of the founding principles of the NHS. It has become unfit for the purpose for which it was intended and it would be political cowardice to pretend otherwise.

We will all need the NHS at one point in our lives or another, often when we are most vulnerable. As a party we would be failing people if we perpetuated the current system unreformed.

Whether Lansley acknowledges this privately I do not know, but publicly there is little sign of it, or any suggestion of how healthcare outcomes which lag badly behind many other countries may be improved.

"Cameron renews claim of being the party of the NHS "

Which one? There used to be a single British national NHS until 1998 at which time the running of the NHS in Scotland was devolved to the Scottish government . Ditto also to Wales and Ulster .
There are now effectively four separate NHS's with three of the four run by their own governments but the English NHS still run by the British government .

Needless to say , the English NHS is seriously discriminated against by that same government .

The Labour government has gone to great lengths to disguise and obscure what has happened but has only been able to do so with the aid of a compliant media and compliant political class

including , sad to say , the Conservative party which carefully misses the point of discriminatory funding in the countries of Great Britain just about every time it mentions health care .

I am outraged by the comments from Laurence Buckman of the BMA that the payment by results will lead to vulnerable people being turned away. It displays a degree of cynicism that shocks me. That, of all things, would be clearly visible and offensive to NHS staff. I also think its relatively easily addressed with clear statements made to NHS staff about this being unacceptable, plus a very clear whistleblowing requirement in NHS staff contracts. Let's construct a system where basic humanity is able to override the distortions in behaviour that are caused by rigid targets. DC's speech looks very well thought out, and is a great start to improving the system so that it really works for everyone.

"the Conservative party which carefully misses the point of discriminatory funding in the countries of Great Britain just about every time it mentions health care . "

Yes Cameron witters on about the NHS, pretending there is still a British NHS, when there isn't, for the one he is really referring to ( because that's the only one he can legislate over ) is the English NHS, but in failing to identify it as such he denies English people a true debate about what services they want, a debate about the discriminatory funding, etc or for that matter holding Labour to account over what they have done here.

Note, the last act of Brown as Chancellor was to slash the capital funding of the English NHS by 30% but he didn’t touch the budgets of Scotland or Wales for a corresponding sum, yet we didn't hear a peep out of the Conservatives, no doubt Cameron didn't want to associate himself with some 'sour faced little Englanders', which makes the argument why we need an English parliament, for the British Conservatives won't speak up for English peoples interests.

Why is Cameron using the terms equity and equality interchangably?

"Why is Cameron using the terms equity and equality interchangably?"

You could understand why Labour would like to con the electorate by using such terms, but the Conservative leader should be pointing out the inequality and inequity of the arrangement Labour have put in place, of course that would mean pointing out the discrimination Labour have enacted against English people, and that Cameron won't do. So we are treated to all this guff about British equity and equality when there is no longer any such thing, but its something the British political establishment are keen to delude themselves about, but its only themselves they are deluding.

Quite Iain. Equity and equality arent the same thing and Im suprized to see him trying to do so, especially in a keynote speech such as that. There is a lot of filler in that speech that could be have been stripped out without a negative impact on the rest of the speech. Quantity isnt the same as quality, Cameron.

I wish he would just shut up about the NHS the idea of giving hospitals fines is just plain silly ,i have friends who work in the nhs who were warming to cammers but they all think this is just a daft idea as they are struggling to meet demand already without another politician putting their high minded ideas upon them.So mr cameron with all respect if you want to win the next election SHUT UP...PLEASE!

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