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Congratulations, Alistair. I cannot think of a more-needed role or a better person to take on the challenge!

Ed, any chance also of getting someone to write about the role and activities of CCHQ?

We can guess what they are supposed to be doing but it would interesting to people like me who don't know to learn exactly what goes on and who does what.

Yes can the Eustice role be clarified?

I guess his article will do that but people inside CCHQ say he is only line manager for two people in "Diversity".

Doesn't sound like the head of external relations job that Fiona Melville previously filled.

Well done, Alistair! This is great news and I look forward to reading your article about what your new position entails.

Alistair Burt is a great parliamentarian, widely respected and a great asset to the Party.

There also needs to be close liaison with parliamentary candidates, particularly in our key marginals, so that after the next general election real talent can be promoted to the frontbench quickly, instead of languishing on the backbenches for years, learning the ropes. I hope candidate liaison is a key part of his role too. This will also ensure that the current crop of frontbenchers are kept on their toes, mindful of the quality of the new intake, which could take their jobs from them.

David and Rufus: i'll do my best to get an article that answers your questions.

You didn't mention it, and perhaps I'm wrong, but wasn't Mr. Burt also closely involved with setting up the CSA?

Thank you Editor; that would be most welcome and interesting.

This is great news - Alistair is certainly the best man for the job.

With regards to the CSA: Alistair was put in charge after the legislation had been passed, and colleagues felt that he had been handed a "poisoned chalis"

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