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The wages of spin is political death. Eventually.

"You know my trouble? I'm just too generous to the government."

That sums up Robinson and his cronies at the Brownite Bull***t Corporation perfectly.

Are they all working for immigration?
I bet they are, thats how they are letting every one in,Well!! who would have thought it

How can this be illegal, remember, the prime minister told us that crime was down.

Nice to see Nick having his Damascene moment.

Like the king with no clothes, NuLab are gradually unravelling, to be seen truly as a bunch of charlatans who have conned the whole country for 10 years.

As for this story, it represents the tip of the iceberg. If a government minister can call the Home Office unfit for purpose, then our thoughts should turn to just what other nasties are waiting to be exposed.....that we gave Osama asylum and unlimited residence in the UK and have been funding his political aspirations!!!.

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