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If I wasn't already a Conservative/ conservative I would be after reading that!

Happy Christmas everyone.

Regarding the political conservatism shield: Political conservatives can be active in groups like the Countryside Alliance and MigrationWatch. We can be movement conservatives rather than party political Tories.

Where is 'freedom of the individual'? One hopes we still beileve in that.

I think freedom of the individual can be directly derived. "Homes are a symbol of social justice – of private ownership – of security – of independence from intrusive government – of local identity - of embryonic community life…”. And defending religious freedom.

Also, necessary to preserve such freedoms comes the unselfish social responsibility with families, neighbors, businesses and patriotism: willing to contribute toward protection from foreign aggression and from domestic assault on settled institutions.

The only part I would change is the wording about international engagement with part of its proof as having a positive reference as a member of the EU and UN. I think these should be qualified while in context.

Thanks for explaining them in detail, I've always loved them as a logo. Can't argue with any of it.
Steevo has a point about not putting into words the EU/UN scepticism which the editors clearly share, tho i'm sure theres lots other details that could have been included int he synoposis.

It's a shame that the words "pro-life" have to appear at all. Thankfully this isn't part of British Conservative core values - having read your description perhaps a better picture could be found to distance itself from the abortion issue.

This dwells upon the One Nation tradition, but that is only one stand of conservative thought. What about the Thatcher legacy, individualism and economic liberalism?

It seems we are being consumed in this idea of One Nation - it is not the only branch of conservative thought.

Non-denominational seasons greetings to fellow posters. I hope there is at least one red delivering uncosted largesse that you will be happy to see, if only once a year.

Merry Christmas to all and looking forward to Labour gaining ground in the New Year. Don't forget we were polling 20 points ahead when in Opposition, you lot have lots to do and I don't think it will happen!

A belated happy Christmas to all bloggers from me too!

A 20 point lead is not necessary (for the Tories to be sure of retaining a big enough lead when the General Election arrives).

Polling methods have changed a bit since the autumn 1992 to 1997 period when Labour scored huge leads.

They also went on to win a landslide.
The Tories don't need to be as far ahead as they were to win an overall majority.

But they do need to be above 40 per cent, and preferably around 42-44.

I have to agree, polling was less accurate in the early 90s and people behave differently now with pollsters. Its not entirely clear what will happen in the next election but the sorts of poll leads we have had augur very well, especially if they can be maintained on average across the next 2 years.

I've never seen conservatism summed up so perfectly - makes me very proud to be a Conservative!

Well done for reminding us what Conservatism is really all about!! Despite the "noises off" on various subjects I think we all agree on these 11 shields. We may interpret some of the finer points slightly differently but the "big stuff" we all have in common! Happy New Year to all!

If only these were the views of the whole party, or even close.. If only these had been the views of Mrs Thatcher.. If only, then I wouldn't be threatened with being disinherited for even thinking of liking the Tories.

I would think that redistribution of wealth or someway of creating a fairer national distribution of wealth would be a good idea, (and I think we all accept some wealth redistribution is necessary) then I find the views expressed by Mr Montgomerie very excellent indeed! :)

The above description fits me perfectly. I only wish it fitted the current crop of Conservative leaders too.
I am waiting to hear a Conservative politician say (truthfully) that he puts his faith in Christ at the centre of his life.
"Them that honour me, I will honour. And they that despise me shall be lightly esteemed."
(1 Sam. 2:30)
The promise still stands.

We realize the true worth of happiness when we are in sorrow.

Pursue green fashion, to embrace green living.

He is unfortunate who cannot bear misfortune

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