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George Osborne has pledged to spend an extra £500 million of our money on increasing foreign aid, e.g. to banana republics ruled by socialist dictators. I therefore suggest that he sells the family business and give the hundreds of millions that he will inherit. Michael Spencer, the party treasurer, could spare a few hundred million too.

Very good article, and very true. I would like to offer a further example of the 'Do As I Say, Not As I Do' approach to public money of Labour types.

The Senior Management of large Government spending Department with which I am very well acquainted has recently denied its junior staff a real terms pay increase. The Senior Civil Servants in this Dept, after 10 years of Labour, are almost to a man/woman hand picked Labour bell-ringers. They make no secret of it in conversation. They have said so to me, to my face, in close proximity to (useless) Labour ministers. The Perm Sec in this Dept, dare I say it another true Labour choirist, "personally intervened" to ensure that the pips squeaked this year for those of his colleagues earning £14,000 a year. Last week, John Hayes (Tory MP) discovered via a written answer that the self same Senior Management Team, in the self same Dept, had spent a whopping £12,000,000 of public money on First Class Rail Travel for themselves in the same year ! That little true tale sums up Labour and its type in a nutshell

New Labour and The Left- The Marie Antoinettes of British Politics.

"Let Them Eat Guacmole"- as Peter Mandelson might have said.

Sorry, I thought this was about Scotland. I will get my coat.

What a nasty little story! It actually sounds rather "apocryphal" to me! If it is true, Mr Hannan perhaps you'd like to supply some names?

I would say that the difference between the giving of 'Liberals' and Conservatives as illustrated by Dan Hannan, is probably fairly accurate. Perhaps the confusion arises because, what the 'Liberal' means by that label is that they are liberal in their way of thinking, NOT actually in their way of 'giving' !!

"I remember after the 1992 General Election hearing a Labour supporter moaning that the extra tax that they would have been happy to pay - had Kinnock and John Smith won - would now be denied to the NHS. After hearing this self-righteousness for what felt like a small eternity I suggested that she could always donate the money directly to her local hospital. She went deliciously silent"

I once suggested much the same to someone proclaiming how vital it was for extra taxation, and how they would be perfectly happy to pay more to help others. I pointed out that you are, in fact, able to send in money to the Treasury over and above what they take from you by taxation; she ummed and ahd and mentioned something about how the point was that everyone should be doing it.

Sally Roberts, our resident EUfanatic, smears Mr Hannan as usual.

Oh dear, Moral Minority - and I've just been gracious enough to agree with you over on another thread! I am not "smearing" Mr Hannan - merely asking him to provide some more facts.

Sorry Sally, but I read your comment as suggesting that Dan was being "economical with the truth". From my personal experience of MEPs, Dan is too kind to them. They are a greedy grasping bunch who prefer the gravy train to real reform.

I will take your word that you wanted more facts. To make up for it I will send you a virtual Christmas kiss!

Thank you Moral Minority and I will take your virtual Christmas Kiss in the spirit in which it was offered and send you one back in return!

Sally, MoralM - please get a hotel room or something.

Geoff I do apologize!!! I forgot that it was before the watershed :-)

This is because almost without exception these are the "I need a mercedes and a mansion to help the poor" mob, ie they are in the helping the poor scam only to enwealthen themselves.

Actually I find it rather sickening.

Yes Bexie, indeed. The same type of hypocrisy as Al Gore needing a mansion, other residences and a private plane to help him fight 'global warming'.

I don't think that people with good intentions (whether sensible or not) need to wear a hair shirt or flagellate themselves twice a day, but a person of influence setting a personal example often sends a more powerful message than throwing other peoples' money at a problem from behind a lectern.

Geoff - I haven't come to a definite view on global warming.

I went to a CPS lecture by Nigel Lawson in late
2006 (who accepts there could be a natural marginal warming up since 1975, but is largely very dismissive of the threat, and quantified why - he thinks the rise in sea levels is marginal and can be made provision for).

We also have a large team of UN appointed scientists who disagreed widely at first, but have since concluded it is an artificial warming up and has to be dealt with urgently whilst there is still time.

There are also weather patterns which have been studied after the industrial revolution.

I suspect part of it is natural, but also that we are creating more Co2 than the earth can cope with naturally, and that it can be reduced by wasted energy.

But wasted within the context of what we want to do - so it shouldn't actually stop people doing very much.

We don't know for sure, so it's irresponsible to rule out arguments that may be right.
We need to listen to those who have gathered evidence and weigh it up - comments like because someone lives in a mansion they have no right to an opinion (on global warming and increased Co2) is a pretty dense and stupid argument.

Joe, I agree; everybody has an equal right to a view and an opinion - it is whether they use it for humanitarian reasons or partisan politics which should influence how we regard their speeches.

Let's not get sidetracked into a 'global warming' debate because it was just an example I offered of political hypocrisy by a two-faced fraud.

The whole thread is much more interesting.

The hypocritical left winger is pervasive throughout the campaigning for hte good of you market

From the 4x4 5 star hotel occupying "aid" workers in Africa and the "fairtraders" who put farmers out of business in the third world to the lying carbon offsetters in their pseudo businesses they are a scourge on our society.

My obersvation is that the only people who are genuinely out to help are the right wingers who's attitude to poverty is to help stop people being in poverty rather than the left who seem to make a business out of processing people in poverty. I could go on but there are many others who have covered this ground.

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